Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 29

Sabu and Ichi 29.png



Someone is murdering blind moneylenders, and an old acquaintance of Ichi’s fears that he might be next.

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Another joint project with Hokuto no Gun, check out their site here.

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Starzinger (1978) – Episode 14




Time for another episode of Leiji Matsumoto’s science fiction retelling of the Chinese epic saga Journey to the West, known as Saiyuki in Japan. In this episode, our heroes face of against GinGin Man, a space monster boss who uses his satellite fortress to conquer and enslave planets.

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Thanks to Gxseries, FreekieDee and all the other former members of ILA Fansubs for the scripts. And of course thanks to Gou no Ken for all of his help and support on this project. Check out his blog for lots of rips of cool old school vinyl soundtracks, including a post with Starzinger soundtracks here.

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GeGeGe no Kitaro (1968) – Episode 16

GGG '68 16

Here’s part two of “The Elite Vampire.” I think this episode might feature the first (brief) appearance of a Kappa in the Kitaro anime, but I’m not 100% sure of that.

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GeGeGe no Kitaro (1968) – Episodes 13-15

Okay, it’s been a while since we released an OG black and white Kitaro episode, but your pals at TSHS and Hokuto no Gun are back with a new one. We also have some minor revisions on the previous two episodes as well. So, without further ado:

GGG '68 13

GeGeGe no Kitaro 13_001_21636

GeGeGe no Kitaro 13_001_31519

Episode 13: “Cruise to Hell”

Two violent criminals are on the lam after robbing a bank and murdering the security guards. They plan to hide out in the woods to escape the authorities, but end up in a place a bit further out of the way…


GeGeGe no Kitaro 14_001_6407



Episode 14: “Suiko (The Water Tiger)”

An orphan girl accidentally releases Suiko, a Yokai tiger imprisoned in a jar by a priest 500 years ago. Suiko survives by absorbing the water from everything in its path. Ponds, crops, farmers, and even bullies who think it’s cool to throw rocks at a poor orphan and her cute little dog.


GeGeGe no Kitaro 15_001_15341

GeGeGe no Kitaro 16_001_2663

GeGeGe no Kitaro 15_001_28352

Episode 15: “The Elite Vampire, Part One”

The chairman of a major corporation needs a blood transfusion after being attacked by vampire bats. He receives a letter from the Elite Vampire, a bloodthirsty Yokai who can hypnotize people with the sounds of his guitar. The chairman recruits Kitaro to defeat the Elite Vampire, while the vampire hires Nezumi Otoko (of course) to help implement his 1,000 Person Bloodsucking Plan. Of course the thousand people in question are all famous, because the Elite Vampire is a total star-sucker.

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…or Mega: 13  14  15

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Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 28

Sabu and Ichi 28 _001_21167

Sabu and Ichi 28 _001_12139

Sabu and Ichi 28 _001_26792

TSHS and Hokuto no Gun are back with more heart-wrenching action from the anime based on Shotaro Ishinomori’s classic Edo period manga. In this episode, a ronin participates in a brutally violent crime in order to buy medicine for his sick younger sister.

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The desperate older brother is played by Makio Inoue, who ended up taking over the role of Sabu six episodes later. He went on to play the stoic samurai Goemon Ishikawa in Lupin the 3rd, and his most iconic role came in 1978 as Leiji Matsumoto’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock (another anime series helmed by Sabu & Ichi’s chief director Rintaro.) And of course tokusatsu fans will recognize him as the voice of Zabitan in Shotaro Ishinomori’s mind-blowingly weird and wonderful Akumaizer 3.

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Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episode 11



Lensman - Galactic Patrol 11_001_7633





This the first of six Lensman episodes written by Haruya Yamazaki, whose impressive resume includes the scripts for Hayao Miyazaki’s Lupin III movie Cagliostro Castle, half of the episodes of Space Pirate Captain Harlock and Cobra, and various episodes of such classics as Ashita no Joe, Ganso Tensai Bakabon, Urashiman, and Zero Tester.

Episodes 11-12 are a two-parter involving Admiral Haynes’ granddaughter, and a gang of space thugs called the Skull Killers. Yamazaki’s next story, a four-parter running from episodes 13-16, is a lot weirder as you’ll see eventually.

Get the soft subtitled mkv from Nyaa or Mega.

Or the hard subtitled mp4 from Nyaa or Mega.

Lensman is a joint project with the /m/subs crew, check out their site here. Thanks to project coordinator Marty McFlies, sky79 for the translation, starseeker for translation QC, and Crush Zombie & Shidoni for the song translations. Thanks to drmecha of the sakuga80/Gunsight Team for help with cast & staff credit translations. Special thanks to Dougo13 for providing the rare video source, recorded on a Betamax videocassette by his friend in Nagasaki on December 22nd, 1984.

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Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho – Serial 01, Part 6 (end)




Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho (1969) 01_001_51362

The boss of the brats refuses to die. For if he doesn’t make it, the lovely Tomoko will be brutally devoured by wild dogs. No pressure.

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Or get the 40 minute omnibus edition of the entire serial from Nyaa or Mediafire.

We are planning on doing more of these serials in the future. But you don’t have to wait that long for more bancho action with Mankichi Togawa, “the boss of the brats.” Check out the first volume of the hit Shonen Jump manga this was based on, scanlated by Hokuto no Gun, also our partners in subtitling the anime version. You can find the manga here. It’s fun to compare and contrast the first chapter of the manga with this first anime serial.

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