Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episodes 01-07 softsub & hardsub batches


TSHS and our friends in the /m/subs crew are back at it again. Here’s a batch containing shiny new and improved versions of the first six episodes we had previously released, along with a brand new subtitled episode.

Get the mkv softsubs from Nyaa, Anidex, or Mega.

Get the mp4 hardsubs from Nyaa, Anidex, or Mega.

The Lensman TV series is quite rare. In fact there are probably quite a few people reading this who remember the movie, but had no idea it spawned a series. Only the first six episodes have ever had any kind of official home video release in Japan (on VHS and LaserDisc in the 80s), and the chances of the series ever being released on DVD seem slim to none. So a big thanks goes to the hardcore old-school video collectors who have provided the raw sources…without their dedication and generosity, this project would not have been possible. Thanks to Alrow for the LaserDisc episodes, Dougo13 for the Betamax ones, and Laurine & AnimeSennin for VHS sources of some upcoming episodes.

Did I say upcoming episodes? Yes, this project is still very much alive. Stay tuned…

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Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari – 1991-02-21 (NGN subtitled)


And some of them, like dougo13, are nice enough to share their collections with the rest of us, in this time of futuristic technological wonders.

Here’s another episode of Fuji-TV’s videotaped thriller anthology, as shown with halfway decent English subtitles on the Hawaiian pay-cable Nippon Golden Network. This week’s spooky tales include “Collector,”  “Bird of Paradise” and “Red String of Fate.” Any NGN commercials, promos, bumpers etc. have been left in for that old school videotapey goodness.

Get it from Nyaa, Anidex, or Mega.

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Sukeban Deka II (1985) – Episode 39



New revelations bring Saki closer to the secret of the Kidora treasure. Meanwhile, Kage no Soto’s men are running tests on the iron mask to find the treasure’s location…

Get it from Anidex, Nyaa, or Mega.

Lots of new episodes of different shows are in various stages of completion. Lately I’ve been working hard to make episode batches of various shows, like Starzinger, Lensman: Galactic Patrol, and several others. This always involves re-watching all of the episodes, and invariably making little edits and timing fixes. Ideally I’d like to have a cleaned-up batch of Sukeban Deka II by the time I finish the series.

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Tetsujin #28 (1960 live-action) – Ep 01 (1963 anime) – Ep 84-85

Here’s Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s seminal giant robot, in both live action and animated monochrome flavors.





The first TV adaptation of Yokoyama’s 1956 manga was this live action series. Like many other Japanese superhero shows of the time there seems to be an influence from classic US movie matinee serials, but with that unique Yokoyama style as well.

Get episode 1 from Nyaa, Anidex, or Userscloud.






Then we move to the animated version, with the first two episodes of the “second season.” Not the 1980 color series, which was shown on Cartoon Network in the 1990s. In May of 1965, Tetsujin #28 seemed to have wrapped up a successful run of 83 episodes, ending with an episode where Tetsujin was put in Peace Memorial Museum because all the evil was vanquished from the world. ( Wha…?!) Three months later, the show returned with 13 new episodes, which featured longer story arcs than the previous season. These episodes begin with Tetsujin being taken out of retirement and souped up by Professor Shikishima so that it can fly through space (obviously a hot topic in the midst of the space race era.) The Earth is being threatened by invaders from the Planet Magna, and Tetsujin flies into space to intercept their communications transmissions.

Get them from Nyaa, Anidex, or Userscloud:  84  85

Also, for those who want to see the animated origin story, Kingmenu has subtitled episodes 1-2.

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Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari – 1991-02-14 (NGN subtitled)



Another episode, with three more mysterious tales: Black Magic, The Seventh Mystery, and Tea Shop at the Pass. Shown with watchable English subtitles on the Nippon Golden Network in Hawaii.

There are lots of collectors who have still have old videotapes of NGN subtitled Hokuto no Ken, Dr. Slump, Dragonball, Galaxy Express, etc. Apparently there are quite a few episodes of Yonimo available on YouTube and other sites in raw Japanese. But as far as I know, dougo13 may be the only collector who has a few episodes recorded from the subtitled NGN run of this show, sometimes known in English as “The Strangest Story I Have Ever Heard.”

Get it from Nyaa, Anidex, or Mega.

Also, it has been pointed out in the comments that in the last batch of NGN subtitled Kitaro, some of the episodes were numbered incorrectly, and some were duplicates. This was my error, dougo13 sent me the correct episodes, somehow I bungled the numbers at the encoding stage. I’ve fixed all of the links, and also added a bunch of new episodes that dougo13 provided. Scroll down a couple of posts to get the new links.

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Sukeban Deka II (1985) – Episode 38


There’s so much story packed into the last few episodes that it’s getting harder to write spoiler-free descriptions of them. Suffice it to say that this episode is entitled: “The Secret Revealed! Saki and Soto’s Origins.” It does what it says on the tin.

Oh, and voice actor Ryuzaburo Otomo has another cameo as that crazed, fur-wearing guard with the big mallet. That dude might want to seriously reconsider his signature weapon…

Get it from Nyaa.si, Anidex, Mega, or Userscloud.

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GeGeGe no Kitaro (1985) – Episodes 001-030, 033-039 [NGN subtitles]




NOTE: it has been pointed out in the comments that some of these episodes were numbered incorrectly. This was my error, dougo13 sent me the correct episodes, somehow I bungled the numbers at the encoding stage. I’ve fixed all of the links, and also added a bunch of new episodes that dougo13 provided.

Here’s a batch of the first 30 episodes of the third series of Kitaro, as shown on Nippon Golden Network, a Hawaiian pay cable channel with mostly acceptable English subtitles cued live with a Chyron character generator. Thanks to Laurine for episodes 1-5, and dougo13 for episodes 6 and up. As before, I have left in any commercials, promos and station IDs that were recorded before and after each episode, for extra old-school sauce.

I decided to change to a three digit numbering system for third and fourth season Kitaro, since both series do make it past the 100 episode mark.

Get them from Nyaa, Anidex, or Userscloud: 001  002  003  004  005  006  007  008  009  010  011  012  013  014  015  016  017  018  019  020  021  022  023  024  025  026  027  028  029  030  033  034  035  036  037  038  039

Someone pointed out that the CRC for episode 008 is incorrect on the Nyaa and Anidex batches. This won’t affect playback of the file of course. The correct CRC is 0CE9B2B8.

More Kitaro & Yonimo episodes in the near future, as dougo13 continues to make progress finding and digitizing rare old tapes from his collection. And of course several subtitling projects of my own are still moving forward…

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