How you can help

First and foremost, TSHS is always looking for volunteer translators! If you speak fluent Japanese or know someone who does, please contact me. Your English doesn’t have to be perfect, I have many years of experience editing English grammar.

Donations are also very much appreciated, to be used for paying freelance translators and occasionally for the purchase of DVDs for raw sources. I’m not looking for donations from anyone who’s currently struggling financially…I know these are hard times for a lot of people, and my subtitles are free for all to enjoy. But if you happen to like watching my subtitles, and have a little money you can part with, it would certainly help me to keep my subtitling projects afloat.

I could also use additional timers. The “Nanto Style” of timing is a little bit different than most fan subtitlers, but if you’re willing to learn I’m willing to teach.


I’m always looking for recordings of Japanese television (especially anime & tokusatsu) complete with original commercials.



If you have VHS tapes, laserdiscs or digital recordings of anime that has not yet been released on DVD, that’s a big interest of mine as well.



One of the top items on my want list that’s never been released on DVD is the original monochrome Obake no Q-Taro series from 1965. I think some episodes may have been released on pre-recorded VHS, and I’m pretty sure the show has been rerun on Japanese cable TV at some point.


Jaguarman - Leopardman VHS

Does anyone own the pre-recorded VHS tape of the Jaguarman and Leopardman pilots? The subtitle I did with Hi no Tori Fansubs used a raw source that could definitely use an upgrade.



There’s a hentai OAV called Aoi Taiken (1985) that I saw many years ago, the first volume in the short lived “Super Adult Anime” series. This is the only hentai anime that I’ve actually enjoyed, since it doesn’t involve any sexual violence or alien tentacles. I have a decent VHS rip, but I’d love to get a copy of the laserdisc if anyone out there has it.

DVD want list:

I prefer DVD-R copies that haven’t been compressed, i.e. if the original was a DVD-9, I’d prefer not to have it shrunk to a single layer DVD-5. But if shrunken versions are all that is available, I’ll take ’em.

If you have DVDs I’m looking for you could upload an ISO or VIDEO_TS folder to a storage locker like Mediafire or Mega. FTP is fine as well, or just send me burned DVD-Rs in the mail.

Fantaman11Golden Bat (1967)

I’ve started doing subtitling work on this show after all, using the Italian DVD set purchased by Hailey. I’m still interested getting copies of the original Japanese box sets (not the recent single box re-release), if anyone has them. Also if anyone wants to volunteer to help translate this series, or donate towards translations, that would be much appreciated.


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    • Nanto says:

      Unfortunately those are the Italian DVDs. They would need to be slowed down to 24fps (which is doable) but they probably have the Italian “Fantaman” OP & ED, which is kind of a dealbreaker for me.

      Thanks for the heads-up anyway, much appreciated!

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      • Cavery210 says:

        The Fantaman opening uses the Japanese opening footage, so you could add audio from the Japanese opening. And it looks like it has Japanese audio.

        And for the Big X, only episodes 1, 11 and 40-59 still exist. The others are lost to the mists of time.


      • moff90 says:

        Those Italian dvds are bootlegs. Fantaman is not popular enough to warrant a dvd release. I have no idea, however, if the author slapped the italian track on the jp dvds or if they’re just “upscaled” dual-audio rips. With just 4 episodes per disc, it could very well be the former.


    • Lady Naye says:

      Do you know where I could get Battle Fever J subbed? And hello Nanto, it’s been a while!


      • Nanto says:

        Hey, good to hear from you, LN. Did you hear that Sentai Filmworks is releasing Gatchaman II on DVD? It’s a good time to be a Tatsunoko fan!

        Battle Fever J was shown subtitled on KIKU-TV in Hawaii with English subtitles in the 1980s. There’s a person who recorded them all (on Betamax, IIRC) and posted encodes of them online. Quality is what you’d expect from a decades old videotape recording, and the subtitles are fairly rudimentary, but that’s at least it’s a way of watching the full series. You can download those here:

        There’s also a group called Nemet that transcribed the dodgy KIKU subtitles and matched them with high quality raws. You can get those here:

        Also, my friends at MegaBeast Empire subtitled the first 7 episodes. They don’t plan on doing any more, but you can get their versions of the first 7 episodes here:


  1. sakoeratyan says:

    In case you didn’t know yet, apparently there’ll be a new Japanese DVD release of Big X on 29 January 2016:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    In Brazil the Ogon Bat (1967) DVD was released with portuguese subtitles.

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  3. I have episodes 1-60 of a late 1990s anime called Cyborg Kuro-chan. This anime has had a incomplete VHS release back in 2000 due to the producers of the series going bankrupt (episodes 1-53 had VHS releases). Because of this the series has not had a DVD release and episodes 54 onwards only exist in the form of old VHS recordings. Early this year I made restorations of episodes 1-60 by combining the Japanese audio with the video from a Russian dub of the anime. I have not done 61 onwards as they don’t exist online in Japanese plus my versions of episodes 33,57,59 and 60 have incomplete audio. If you could ask about to see if anybody has episodes 61-66 I would highly appreciate it.


  4. Shir says:

    Hello. This is Shir, the translator from G.U.I.S. You might know us from older Toku.
    I know you guys do a lot of older Japanese shows… and we are currently looking for timers for an 80’s show (non tokusatsu). We were wondering if you guys might be interested.
    Feel free to send me an e-mail or a pm on our website / twitter.


  5. sakoeratyan says:

    I found a new item to add to your wishlist, Nanto.
    Hustle Punch DVD boxset!


  6. sakoeratyan says:

    I know you didn’t mention it here, I wanted to inform you of the two Skyers 5 boxsets that came out last year, in case you weren’t aware of their existence yet and happen to be interested:


    • Nanto says:

      Thanks for all that helpful information about R2J DVD releases, sakoeratyan! Any time you can give me a heads-up about new box sets, I really appreciate that type of good news.


  7. Ellen Lau says:

    Hello there =D.
    I would like to know if you are in need to help translate the New Generation Patlabor Live action.
    It was really hard to find a sub group doing this series, and i could only find you.
    I have basic Japanese knowldege wich i think will be of no use to you, but i worked for some time doing timing with the Aegisusb.

    Thanks for the subs on the first episode, pretty nice stuff o/.


  8. Cavery says:

    Hey, I found some things you might find useful in the future:
    Kotetsu Jeeg OP Creditless: (From the Italian dub. It keeps the same song from the Japanese version, just sung in italian. All it needs is color correction and the Japanese logo.
    And here’s Jeeg’s ED Creditless:–o
    Also, here’s some torrents for stuff you could sub.
    Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy:
    Cyborg 009 79 has been subbed by ARR up to 35. If you ever do that, pick up from 36.
    Osomatsu-kun (Prequel to Osumatsu-san.):


    • Nanto says:

      Thanks for the info, Cavery. By the way, credit where credit is due: All 50 episodes of Cyborg 009 ’79 were subtitled by Nora Inu “G” using a laser-disc source back in the analog subtitling era. ARR did DVD remasters of the first 24 episodes using Nora Inu “G” scripts, they then made straight VHS rips of episodes 25-35.

      When I get around to remastering Cyborg 009 ’79, I will be using a Bluray source, starting from episode 1.

      I will also be subtitling Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy eventually. I have a DVD source and a partially completed script, but it takes me ages to subtitle full length feature films. Just getting 25 minute TV episodes released on a timely basis can be a struggle for me, there just never seem to be enough hours in a day to balance all of my work, family and hobby commitments!


      • sakoeratyan says:

        The product description for the Cyborg 009 1979 Blu-rays acknowledges that the episodes are upscaled rather than given a HD scan from film. :/
        I don’t know how they compare to the Japanese DVDs, but often such upscales tend to be inferior rather than superior to the DVD releases. At any rate, I’m looking forward to your remasters of those subtitles!

        Also, I can give you official Spanish and Portuguese DVD subtitles (European) of “Legend of the Super Galaxy”. These subtitles should be of good quality and should come in useful if you can find someone who can speak either of those languages who wants to help. If you don’t want to depend on them solely for the missing lines, I would at least consider using them to check your own script’s translation to, and have those differences double-checked by a Japanese speaker if necessary and if possible.

        The Italian DVD of “Legend of the Super Galaxy” might be worth using for the video; it is in 4:3 and has a lot more picture than the Japanese version. The Japanese and Spanish/Portuguese DVDs are cropped to widescreen.


      • Alee says:

        I am another random person who would be really happy to see more subtitles of the 1979 anime (and for the movie…that dub was occasionally painful and I would have loved to have heard the original voices instead). I was quite enjoying it and didn’t realize it stopped at ep. 36. I’d even help out if taught how (though my Japanese is rudimentary at best)…


      • We did no remastering. Do you know where to get the rest of vhs fansubs by the way?


      • Nanto says:

        I do have the rest of the VHS fansubs. I’m planning on doing a full batch release of all 50 episodes when I get time.


      • White Waters says:

        I’m glad to know you have access to the rest of the Nora Inu G Cyborg 009 subs. And I’m totally OK with you waiting to re-do them with a better source. With all due respect to Nora Inu G’s early efforts from the VHS era, I think the subs could do with a little tidying up as well. To add a little variety to the dialog, they tried to include some local idiosyncrasies to the nine cyborgs’ speech patterns with respect to their origins. So you have 007 saying an awful lot of “blimeys” and “old chap” and the like. All stuff that is simply not in the original Japanese, even though anime directors never shy away from adding foreign words to the mix. But that’s no big deal, just a bit distracting. Then you have stuff that really makes me scratch my head, like episode 20, taking place in Algiers, with baddies from an imaginary country called “Ameren”, who for some unknown reason constantly swear in… French? Can’t see the connection there, I’m afraid. I’m sorry the Nora Inu G team doesn’t seem to be active on the Net anymore, because I would have liked to ask what the thought process was behind that one.

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      • norainug says:

        Greetings, all. I appreciate the fact that for whatever reason the Cyborg 009 1979 series that I had worked on in the late 1990s is still discussed among fans of older anime titles. It is only one of two titles that I personally completed (the other being Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku) without the aid of my former fansubbing colleagues (hence the Nora Inu “G” moniker rather than Nora Inu Anime – The “G” came from my pseudonym at the time Getta G).

        I regret to inform those of you that I no longer have my old translated scripts, let alone my old subtitled masters, of Cyborg 009 1979. So those of you who managed to obtain all 50 episodes in the past and still have access to them, give yourself a pat on the back.

        I would like to express a my utmost gratitude to Nanto for tackling the Cyborg 009 1969 series.

        In regards to some of White Water’s comments, I will admit that there are places in my scripts that could use further revisions, not only in my Cyborg 009 1979 translations, but for all translations I was involved in. Back then there wasn’t even a guide to tell you how to spell the cyborg’s names properly, so I have things like Zhang Zhanghu’s name as Chan Chanko, and Françoise Arnoul’s name as Françoise Arnelle. Episodes 17 through 20 were by far my least favorite episodes to work on. If I recall correctly, there was a character named Le Brun in episode 20, which I found out was a French name. A good part of the episode took place in Algeria, which was once a French colony, and a good number of the population of Algeria have a reasonable grasp of the French language even to this day. The script editor who looked over my translations for that episode was a polyglot who knew French, and suggested I litter a bunch of French expressions into the episode. I guess I caved into pressure.

        Though I have been out of the fansubbing scene for many years, I have made a temporary comeback as of September 2019. As to how long I will remain, or how active I’ll be remains to be seen.

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      • Nanto says:

        Hey, Getta G has returned! I haven’t heard from you in a VERY long time.

        People who frequent this site should know what a big inspiration you were to me in the late 1990s, when I was first dipping my toes into the world of analog fansubbing. While other groups were fighting over who could subtitle the latest magical girl series the fastest, you were slowly cranking out episodes of Time Bokan & Yatterman, Kyodain, Ping Pong Club, Ghost Sweeper Mikami, Super Radical Gag Family…just whatever weird, unique shows happened to appeal to you at the time. My ethic of subtitling weird stuff that appeals to me owes a lot to Nora Inu “G.” Azteckaiser, Steel Jeeg, and of course the black and white Cyborg 009 are all shows I’ve worked on that can be directly traced to your influence.

        Glad to hear you are finally getting back into the fan subtitling game, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you plan to work on next.


      • norainug says:

        Thanks, I feel you give me too much credit. My propensity for the weird, lesser known titles may have been a residual influence from my responsibilities at an anime club I used to belong where my role was to acquire older titles (usually raw) that few have heard about as a way to increase our library. When it comes to choosing a series to work on, I was kind of spontaneous in regards to titles I end up translating. I was slow with the Nora Inu “G” releases because I was essentially doing all the work – translating, timing, and typesetting – and back then I was perhaps a little too anal-retentive about how the lines sounded in English. (With Nora Inu Anime, RK Veda usually did the majority of the timing and typesetting.)

        So “Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy” hasn’t been translated or subtitled? I originally had plans to work on it (I had the laserdisc and the film-book adaptaion manga), but I quit fansubbing before I had the chance to work on it.


  9. If you still want/need people to lend a hand as timers maybe i could help you, i have no experience and i don’t know japanese but i do like your work 🙂


  10. SakoeraTyan says:

    Rainbow Sentai Robin R2Js – out since August/September 2015:
    Box 1:
    Box 2:


  11. Hey there! Does the group have an e-mail?
    I have a little bit of timing experience already, using Aegisub, but I’d like to learn your method and help you out with these classic shows. 😀


  12. Jimmy McKee says:

    I dare ya to sub the complete series of Tanoshii Moomin Ikka and it’s sequel


  13. Jimmy McKee says:

    Please sub the last 2 of the Ocha-Ken animes

    Had to use tinyurl due to Amazon Japan’s katakana doesn’t fly on Chrome


  14. Hailey Lain says:

    I think I may have already sent in an email regarding something similar, but I’m in the process of purchasing a DVD box set of “Golden Bat” that includes the full Japanese audio. If possible, I’d like to share them with you, so long as you’re still interested in subtitling them! Cheers, and hope to hear back soon!

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  15. textwo99 says:

    If a show from the early 2000’s isn’t too new for you, sub the PaRappa anime. Full series download from Keitaro004:

    Only Ep 1-4, 13 were dubbed. It’s been forgotten and ignored for too long. Lots of people in the PaRappa community have been waiting around for someone to sub it, and you guys may be the one to end this waiting 🙂

    It only lasted 30 episodes, so it is pretty short

    If you have any trouble downloading the files, I can send a secondary direct download link.


    • Nanto says:

      > If a show from the early 2000’s isn’t too new for you,

      Unfortunately it is. With all of the 60s, 70s and 80s shows that I want to subtitle, I just really don’t have time to take on a series from the 2000s that I don’t have much interest in. Sorry.


  16. Ash says:

    Hi, do you still have links to your re-edited/subbed Gatchamn files, I lost them all in the death of a hard drive! and they are the ultimate edit IMHO!


  17. Cavery says:

    Didn’t you say in your YouTube channel you’d like to sub Galvion if you had the DVDs?


    • Nanto says:

      No, what I said (back before Galvion had ever been released in any home video format) was that I’d like to subtitle it if anyone could provide me with a good quality off-air VHS or Betamax recording from Japanese television.

      Also, I don’t have the DVDs, although I could probably trade with someone for them if I wasn’t already too busy with so many other projects.


  18. Jimmy McKee says:

    Could ya please sub the 1995 “Bonobono” anime
    with the airing of the 2016 revival, the time is right to sub it’s predecessor


  19. Avi says:

    How much do you pay a person to translate an episode?


    • Nanto says:

      It varies from episode to episode. Generally these days it’s somewhere between $25 and $35, depending on who the freelance translator is, and other factors like how much dialogue is in each episode.

      That’s actually a pretty good deal, considerably less than the translators I used to work with in the 1990s used to charge.


  20. Champstice says:

    The Hustle Punch boxset got uploaded to ADC, figured you might like to know.


  21. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your translations. Since I started following you a few years back you’ve subbed so many great shows that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see since I first got into anime 24 years ago AND taught me about quite a few old school shows I’d never heard about too. I thought your translation of Neo Human Casshern was SO much better than the official Sentai filmworks R1 DVD release! Keep up the good work my man.


  22. shiteaterbubibinman says:

    Hello, I want to talk to you about New Dr. Slump. I’ve been contacted by someone that’s working with you on it and I’d like to discuss it a little with you. Email me:


  23. Bem says:

    heponeko released a HQ dvdrip of Dororon Enma-kun (1973), will you be re-releasing some of your translated episodes with his raws?


  24. Giulio San says:

    I my name is Giulio from Italy and i am fun of cyborg 009 anime and in this last year i have traslate in italian the sub of the first 10 episode of the cyborg 009 1968 anime and i would finish with the other episode but i have not the last 13 episode sub in english… Can you give me the subs please?
    Italian fun would really be happy that I can complete the work because no one is doing it … thank you very much


  25. OjaruFan says:

    Are you interested in any recordings of the Obake no Q-Taro 1985 series? I don’t have any recordings now, but I’m planning on screen recording the reruns that are airing on Tele-Asa Channel 1 (via FujiTV Live). Do you want me to send you those screen recordings so that you can sub them, or are you only interested in the 1965 series?


  26. Brook says:

    Would you be interested in the Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken series? I was looking through to try and find if this series was fully subbed unable to find episodes past 24, I would later find someone who has subbed it completely, however they have done it by uploading only the subtitle file .ass

    Here is the link if you are interested in this, his username was Ibster from where I found the link.

    I don’t know if you want to pick this up but I haven’t seen anyone make a complete subtitled version of the series and as this is already subtitled you would be able to edit the any of the English but as I don’t know much about the Japanese language I don’t know how good these subtitles are but looking at a raw file with episode 25 selected it seemed alright. I would just want someone who understands how to do fan subs.


  27. Bigiu Ioan Alexandru says:

    Will you release the rest of the 23 episodes of Dragon ball from Dougo13 ? on nyaa ? Even without the subtitles it will be a great gift to the world.


  28. rockleevk says:

    Hi there TSHS!
    I do have an VHS anime that I think hasnt got any DVD release by now, as far as I know…
    Hanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun (1998, Nippon Animation) + TV Special which I cannot find an exact release date which is like a summary of the series called “The Tenten Show”.

    I do need to rip the tapes soon, but might need assistance on doing it and what tools could be useful, as I do have a NTSC player which plays the tapes pretty great.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your subs and working hard for that.



  29. Yuugen says:

    I have Tobor (8thman) and Ribbon no Kishi raws (both complete, excelent quality). Did you guys have any interest?


  30. Anonymous Ripper says:

    Some DVDs that we need fo subbing:
    Tobidase! Machine Hiryuu
    God Mars
    Gekkou Kamen
    Tiger Seven
    Manga Mitokomon


  31. Bunkai says:

    Hi there. I subbed this a few months ago to spanish. Furthermore i put english subs and japanese subs from what i heard.
    If you could give it a look and use it. Would be much appreciated. After all this is about sharing this art pieces 🙂

    PS: this is the info about the oav if you want to see it before actually watching it.


  32. Rockleevk says:

    Hi there, recently noticed that Nanto did reply around here, so here it comes, sorry for the long bible comment here, tried to keep it short;

    – I would like and wish to talk with the admin(email or chat, your choice) or who is in charge of TSHS and bring new ideas to the table and give suggestions for providing the shows we all love so much and preserve them at their best. As an ex-member of torrent tracker ADC(AsianDVDClub, RIP and thank you for all those great years of oriental and asia film content there). Also can help out to track RAW providers and sources as I did work on the fansub scene and content that is not that easy to track down. One of my favourite hobbies is to be searching for sources and RAW materials. I know that there is a limit of how much one can do, but if its properly done, little by little and step by step it is possible to achieve, with hard work.

    About lost shows;
    – I have been having trouble and struggling to rip properly the VHS tapes(framerate issues coming from different capture devices) of Hanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun (1998) and I want to do a shoutout to anyone who can assist me in this process as I do want to release proper RAW of this show and not an underwhelming result or mediocre release, as I spent hours and want to get it done, aside that I have scanned hi-res (1200 dpi) the artwork jacket(from the box) of each VHS tape and they need image repair as the spine of the jacket is totally sunfaded on each volume. As this show has never and is unlikely that will have any kind of DVD release, want to save it before its too late. Thank you for any assistance that you can give me in advance.

    Now for the good news:
    -I wanted to suggest between some of us to buy the DVDBOX set of Ougon Bat, as I found its being sold at a reasonable price, around 8000 Yen. Joining together to fund it so we can have an exact 1:1 copy of those discs will be the best option, to start a fundraiser for this kind of content and I would be willing to organise it and work it out so can be purchased and saved for once and for all, as 8000 Yen for example if 20 people donated 6 USD each, we could already cover the cost of the DVDBOX + international shipping. Just my 2 cents, as a suggestion to move forward.
    + Making a proper MKV encoded release to ensure quality on those subbed episodes, and if needed I can be in charge of authoring and giving my encoding experience to ensure its quality check. I can provide even scanning every single artwork at high resolution that is included in those DVDs + making a proper DVDISO data dump(have been working with tools that make an exact copy of the optical disc and ensure minimum error margin)

    If anything, my wish is to bring always new ways and make my dream to continue sharing all this classic shows. I wish to contact by email or Discord who is interested and dedicated as well. So if you want to have a chat about it, you can find me at the Gaming Alexandria Discord channel(sorry if looks like spam), where other projects also take place there as well.

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    • Nanto says:

      I’ll send you a reply by private e-mail, possibly later tonight if I have time.


    • vigorousjammerx says:

      I’d absolutely donate some money to help you guys get that Ougon Bat box set.
      Lemme know when the fundraiser is up.


      • Rockleevk says:

        Atm did locate a DVD-BOX for 51k yen, but waiting for the right moment to make the purchase as I had bad luck with few other stuff including some money that went for Laserdisc/LaserActive projects.

        But once I make the purchase, anyone can help, as I want to first secure the DVDs and then if someone wants to contribute, is more than welcome, as it’s more reasonable to raise the funds after having the box already bought, even if it takes a little while everything is getting sorted out.


  33. SutoKuroi says:

    Hey. I have the first episodes of Dokincho! Nemurin and a couple of other children tokus which I haven’t seen around yet. Wouldn’t mind to share; also looking for translator to make RU/EN subs for anime like Twinbee Paradise and Magical Hat. Please reply if you’re interested in any of these.

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  34. asuka2024 says:

    This was shared today on fbook Giant Robo eps Raw 1967 !! I figured you might be interested in subbing one day !!


  35. Malcolm says:

    I don’t know if you’re still subtitling Golden Bat, but I found a channel that appears to have all the episodes in the original Japanese. Hope this helps.


  36. zeonicfreak says:

    Hey TSHS, I was wondering if you’d be interested in working on fansubbing an anime for me. I have a Laserdisc rip from the laserdisc I own of an anime called “Bad Boy’s Boogie” I got off ebay last year. There is currently no RAW rip uploaded on nyaa, and I’d be curious for someone to work on it, wither it be you guys or someone reading this. If you’re curious on checking it out and seeing the rip I have please leave a comment below mine and I can post up the google drive link. I’ve had it sitting on my drive for about a year and I figured i’d put out my feelers to see who would like to tackle this OVA.


  37. kokun22 says:

    What is this Nanto style of timing? I’m curious for research.


  38. kokun22 says:

    Also I’ll throw in some money in the future to help support you and TSHS in general. Lord knows I know translators just don’t drop from the sky.


  39. irkella says:

    Hey there, I recently stumbled across your work and absolutely love what you’re doing! I acquired the live action Golden Bat after having trouble finding it anywhere, and I decided to do some minor upscaling on it (1280×564), which I think turned out quite well. If you’re at all interested, I could send you the result, and I’d be happy to help with upscaling on other limited resolution media.


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