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Have a 1982 Christmas with Dr. Slump & Arale-chan!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Here’s the Dr. Slump Christmas episode from 1982. It’s a story that is almost, but not entirely, unlike Hans Christian Andersen’s “Little Match Girl.” If you’re watching a marathon of heart-warming Christmas specials, this should provide the … Continue reading

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Cybot Robotchi (1982) Episodes 01-03 subtitled by Nora Inu “G”

As I mentioned a few posts ago, Getta G of Nora Inu “G” has recently gotten back into subtitling after his long absence from the fansub scene. Check out his YouTube channel here, and see Moeru! Onii-san (aka The Burning … Continue reading

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Cyborg 009 (1979) – 01-50 analog VHS, subtitled by Nora Inu “G”

Download links are near the end of the post, for anyone who wants to scroll past the rambling history lesson. In the mid 1980s, the very first anime feature film I ever saw in Japanese with English subtitles was My … Continue reading

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Akira Toriyama V Jump Festival double feature: Go, Go, Ackman! (1994) / Savings Warrior Cashman (1997)

Back again, with more Toriyama madness as served up by our friends at shiteatersubs! This is a pair of rare 15 minute OVAs, based on manga written by Tori-san for V Jump magazine. Most anime fans have heard of Weekly … Continue reading

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Dr. Slump/Queen Millennia crossover short?! (1981)

April Fools Day arrives two days early this year! It’s weird how I didn’t even know this two minute curiosity even existed, since I’ve been such a big fan of both shows for decades. This is an excerpt of an … Continue reading

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Lensman movie (1984) /m/subs

First of all, this is not one of my subtitling projects, although I did help out a little. This project came together on the /m/subs forum, spearheaded by MartyMcflies. While the picture quality isn’t perfect, it’s about as good as … Continue reading

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