Hustle Punch (1965) – Episodes 01-02



Toei’s answer to the American Saturday morning imports that were quite popular on Japanese television in the 1960s. You can see how how creator Yasuji Mori’s character designs were clearly influenced by Ed Benedict, the designer on many early Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Despite the limited animation necessary for turning out episodes on a weekly basis, I’d say the actual style of the show’s humor has more in common with classic American theatrical cartoons, albeit with a uniquely Japanese flavor added as well. Also worth mentioning that Hayao Miyazaki was a key animator, and Isao Takahata directed the hilarious opening title sequence.

Get them from Nyaa or Mega: 01  02

Charles Brubaker wrote a good article about this show on the always entertaining and enlightening Cartoon Research website. You can read that article here. I also adopted his romanizations for some of the character names, since I liked them better than the ones I had originally chosen.

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Starzinger (1978) – Episodes 12-13


Two more episodes of Leiji Matsumoto’s science fiction retelling of the Chinese epic saga Journey to the West, known as Saiyuki in Japan. In episode 12, the Queen Cosmos must break through a gauntlet of fire known as a Soul Zone, without roasting Princess Aurora in the process. In episode 13, at the edge of the solar system an unidentified cosmic lightshow cuts off their communications with Earth, and the Queen Cosmos is forced make an emergency landing on a planet split in two by war.

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Thanks to Gxseries, FreekieDee and all the other former members of ILA Fansubs for the scripts. And of course thanks to Gou no Ken for all of his help and support on this project. Check out his blog for lots of rips of cool old school vinyl soundtracks, including a post with Starzinger soundtracks here.

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Votoms music video: “Tanomare Goodbye”


Here’s a mini-release, a music video of Coconna’s insert song that Ametuchi and I were working on a few years ago, but never got around to releasing. I don’t remember which episode this originally aired in, but this version with the on-screen lyrics was taken from the second compilation video, “Highlights of the A. T. Votoms.” In the 1980s it became common practice for Nippon Sunrise to release compilation videos of their anime series, and if those compilations sold well, they might follow them up with brand new animated OVAs.

Get it from Nyaa or Mediafire.

It looks like we’ll be saying goodbye to my favorite translator Ametuchi for a little while as well, as her real-life adventures will be keeping her too busy to spend much time on this little subtitling hobby. Many thanks for all of the projects we’ve worked together on in the past, and I hope we can work together again in the future.

Of course this leaves open the question of how to proceed with the long delayed Patlabor: The Next Generation series. Ametuchi and I have been discussing this, and one possibility is that she may turn over the work done so far on upcoming episodes, and I may try to recruit another translator to take over for a while, leaving open the possibility that Ametuchi might be able to help out with translation QC, and possibly even return as lead translator at some point if and when life is less busy.

Are there any translators out there who might be interested in helping out with this project for a while? Or is there possibly another group that would be interested in doing it as a joint project?


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Azteckaiser (1976) – Episode 06

Azteckaiser 06_001_24853.png

Azteckaiser 06_001_26873


Azteckaiser 06_001_37588

After appearing on television fighting the forces of Black Mist, naturally Azteckaiser has gained many fans, particularly children. One such fan is gravely ill, and more than anything for his birthday, the kid wants Azteckaiser to visit him at the window of his hospital room. Of course Satan Demon finds out about this, and sets of an ambush for Azteckaiser…

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I do plan on subtitling more episodes of this show eventually, although like many of my projects it may take years for the next one to be ready for release.

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Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 26


Ichi saves the life of a samurai from Kanuma Fief from murderous pursuers. The samurai’s household is in crisis, and he needs Ichi to secretly deliver an important document to the ailing lord of the fief and his lead page, in Shinosuke. Ichi doesn’t even tell Sabu about this mission, instead using the improving weather as an excuse to hastily join a temple pilgrimage…

Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

With the release of episode 26, this joint project with Hokuto no Gun finally hits the halfway mark. You can look forward to more Sabu & Ichi episodes from us in the relatively near future.

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Big X (1964) – Episodes 01,11,40


This is the very first anime produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha (back when they were just called Tokyo Movie). Based on a manga by Osamu Tezuka, chief director Osamu Dezaki. The orchestral score was composed by Isao Tomita, before he became one of the pioneers of electronic music.

Like the 1960s episodes of Doctor Who, there are a lot of Big X episodes that are currently missing. For a long time the first 39 episodes were thought to be lost forever, and the Japanese VHS and LaserDisc releases of the 1990s only included episodes 40-59. But just as missing Doctor Who episodes continue to be found, a 16mm print of Big X episode 1 turned up (oddly enough in the hands of cartoon researcher Jerry Beck, details here), and more recently episode 11 was found as well. So this is a subtitled collection of the first three episodes known to exist in the hands of TMS Entertainment. I’ve released episodes 1 and 11 previously, but I’m always looking to do little fixes and quality upgrades. Since the print of episode 11 was missing the opening and closing titles, I’ve spliced in the versions that were used in those VHS and LaserDisc releases of the 1990s, for a bit of variety.

The new addition to this mini-batch is episode 40, an interesting story about a weaponized robot boy with a secret conscience trigger implanted by his creator. One of the boy’s two henchmen is voiced by the late, great Yasuo Yamada, best known for his portrayal for many years of iconic gentleman thief Lupin the Third. Dr. Slump & Arale-chan fans may also know him as the voice actor who takes over the role of the evil Dr. Mashirito for some of the Dr. Slump movies.

Get the episodes from Nyaa or Mega: 01  11  40

Interestingly, there has been a fair quality telecine of Big X episode 12 being passed around on the VHS trading circuit for years, although the owner of the actual film print it was transferred from is unknown,. And according to Japanese Wikipedia, episodes 5 and 30 were shown on the NHK satellite channel BS2 as late as 1990, so who knows if they’re still out there somewhere.

Sorry for taking even longer than usual to respond to comments and private messages. Releases have also been slower than usual this year, partially because real life has been busier lately, but I’ve also been slowed down by the fact that a lot of the things I’m working on are batch releases, meaning multiple episodes to check in a seemingly endless loop. But don’t worry, I still find time for subtitling, and there’s tons of cool episodes currently working their way through the pipeline. More releases soon…

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Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episode 09



This episode pays off some of the mysteries that were set up in the last couple of episodes. In particular we learn some important details about Zelda’s past, and the reasons why she is so devoted to Buskirk’s home planet of Valeria.

Get the softsubbed mkv from Nyaa, Anidex or Mega.

Or get the hardsubbed mp4 from Nyaa, Anidex or Mega.

This is a joint project with the /m/subs crew. Be sure to check out their site here!

Many thanks to Dougo13 for providing the rare video source, recorded on a Betamax videocassette by his friend in Nagasaki on December 8th, 1984. Very nice quality for a home video recording made over three decades ago!

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