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Halloween fun with Kitaro and Q-Taro!

Obake no Q-Taro (1965) episode 12B Based on the gag manga by the duo known as Fujiko Fujio, here’s half of an episode of the original black and white anime. The first series featured Machiko Soga as the voice of … Continue reading

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Ultraman Powered – Shuwatch! English lesson (1995)

Hey, kids, let’s learn some letters with Ultraman Powered and Pygmon! Thanks to Dougo13 for finding this rare clip on one of his old VHS tapes from Japan. Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

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Votoms music video: “Tanomare Goodbye”

Here’s a mini-release, a music video of Coconna’s insert song that Ametuchi and I were working on a few years ago, but never got around to releasing. I don’t remember which episode this originally aired in, but this version with … Continue reading

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April Fools! English dubbed Mazinger Z & Gaiking?!

First issue to get out of the way: these are not episodes of Tranzor Z or Force Five. Before either of those shows existed, Toei tried the experiment of hiring an English dubbing studio (M&M Communications, in Honolulu) to dub … Continue reading

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Nyaa has been shut down by its owner

The owner of the site (little known fact: this person also goes by the screen name Nyaa) was spooked by a recent EU court decision, and decided to shut the site down permanently. That’s a personal decision that I’m … Continue reading

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Project Status and Downloads Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: is dead, but all of its torrrents have been mirrored at I’m going to replace all of the old links here eventually, but that may take a while. In the meantime, all of my uploads … Continue reading

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Gone, but not forgotten…

It appears that my old blog has vanished into the ether. RIP old site, 2009-2015. I’d finally broken the million page-view mark this summer, but life goes on. The old site can be accessed through the Wayback Machine here. … Continue reading

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