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Golden Bat (1967) – Episodes 01-04

Some of my favorite anime series come from the 1960s. Domestically made cartoons on Japanese television were still a new phenomenon, and the way they were still working out how to put together weekly animation on a limited budget made … Continue reading

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Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 13

As we rejoin the Daimaru family, the characters are still dealing with the fallout of Chizuko trashing her own engagement party in the previous episode. Gozo reveals that he had been planning to announce Masato as the heir to the … Continue reading

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Dokincho! Nemurin (1984) – Episodes 01-04,16,19-20

I suppose you could call Shotaro Ishinomori the Stan Lee of Japan, if you were the sort of person that likes those types of comparisons. Both men created a vast number of popular characters, which have been adapted into numerous … Continue reading

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