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Sukeban Deka II (1985) – Episode 36

While Nishiwaki restrains Saki in the same holding cell she was brought to in episode one, a trio of assassins causes reversals of fortune in the struggle between the Ryozan Alliance and Seiroukai’s Wolf Revolution. Then of course, there’s the … Continue reading

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GeGeGe no Kitaro (1996) – Episode 08

Mizuki wrote lots of comics about Kappa, the turtle-eqsue humanoid Yokai, and he even created a live-action show about them in 1968. But as far as I’m aware, this is one of only three times Kappa make a major appearance … Continue reading

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Dokincho! Nemurin (1984) – Episode 03

Time to kick off Confuse-Your-Friends Day with another Nemurin episode. Get it from Nyaa or Mega. The last time I posted one of these for April Fools, I wrote an elaborate explanation about how I was dropping all of my … Continue reading

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