Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 09

Chizuko’s latest plan to get Shinobu out of the Daimaru house involves framing her for the theft of Chizuko’s jewelry box. But the plan backfires spectacularly, and Chizuko ends up losing something far more valuable to her than jewelry…

Get the hardsubbed version from Nyaa or Mega

…or the softsubbed version from Nyaa or Mega.

This is a joint project with our friends at Grown Ups in Spandex, also home to many great tokusatsu projects like Liveman and Jetman. You can check out their site here.

When Shinobu is searching for the missing item, she runs across a group of delinquents smoking cigarettes and huffing (model glue?) out of plastic bags. Perhaps the brain damage caused by huffing has caused them to not realize that holding lit cigarettes near plastic bags of volatile chemicals might not be a smart move?

Old school video game fans will enjoy the scene where Shinobu is searching through an 1980s arcade. At 27:23 you can hear the sounds of Moon Cresta, a unique three-stage rocket shooter from Nichibutsu. Shinobu is also briefly standing in front of a sit-down Thunder Storm, the anime LaserDisc shooter that was known as Cobra Command in North America.

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6 Responses to Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 09

  1. Aardvark says:


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  2. asakuraikun says:

    Thanks, as always.

    I just want to point a minor thing that a noticed watching this episode, is that the opening singer is called ‘Miki Asakura’ instead of ‘Miki Asura’. It’s really nitpicking, you guys have done a great work as always.

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  3. KojirohFoX says:

    Once again an incredible episode, this show surprises me more and more with each new episode, thank you very much.

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  4. Charlie says:

    So I want to thank you and the GUIS for this wonderful series. I hope you can finish it, because it’s so incredible… Keiko Watanabe was a great actress, it’s too bad she left her career.
    Greetings from Brazil!

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