Mahou Tsukai Sally – episodes 01-07 & 42-48 (batch repost)

I’ve gotten behind on filling people’s batch repost requests recently, because usually when I start putting together a batch of episodes that I subtitled years ago, I notice a bunch of things I want to improve, often minor timing and typesetting issues. Making these fixes can drag on for months, as new episodes I’m currently working on tend to take higher priority.

In this case, since a lot of the Sally episodes have gone without seeds for so long, I’ve decided to just go ahead and re-post a batch of all 14 episodes of the show that I’ve previously subtitled, without making any changes. Please bear in mind that these were subtitled 7 to 10 years ago, and (hopefully) my subtitling has improved a bit since then. Eventually I’ll get around to cleaning these up a little, and hopefully get some more Sally episodes subtitled as well.

In the meantime, you can get this batch of the old versions from Nyaa.

Mahou Tsukai Sally (sometimes known by the English name Sally the Witch) was based on a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, creator of such classsics as Giant Robo, Tetsujin #28, Babel II and God Mars. Sally was the first anime series ever made in the “magical girl” genre, and when it ended a successful two year run, Toei followed it up with more magical girl shows in the same time-slot.

I started subtitling Sally in 2010, but the story of how I ended up subtitling this show actually goes back another decade. When I first started out subtitling in the late 1990s, it was before digital subtitling became a thing, so the only way for people to get my subtitles was through VHS trading. One of the people that I traded with was Bill Switzer, a guy who ran a club called Anime Visalia. Bill had some random episodes of the series on VHS (this was also several years before the show came out on DVD), and he paid a freelancer to translate them.

The plan was for Bill to send the scripts and loan the VHS tapes to Elora of Garasu no Bara Productions (the first group to tackle Queen Millennia) who would handle the actual subtitling of the episodes using Bill’s tapes and scripts. But somehow this never came to fruition…like so many other subtitlers in the analog era, one day Elora stopped updating her website and simply vanished into the virtual ether without saying goodbye. I seem to remember that she had some health issues, but I hope her disappearance was not connected with that.

So, fast forward to the late 2000s. I’ve moved across the country, digital subtitling has completed its takeover of the fansub scene, and Aegisub has replaced Sub Station Alpha as the fan subtitler’s weapon of choice. I start learning how to use these new digital tools, first by resurrecting some of my old analog projects, and then starting some new ones. At some point it occurs to me to contact Bill and see if he still has those Sally scripts that never got used. Good news: not only does he have them, but in the interim he’s gotten several more translated, including a couple of the black and white episodes. By this point the show is available on DVD in Japan, so I go ahead and order the volumes that I will need for these scripts. And as long as I’ve got those DVDs, I might as well get the other episodes on them translated as well.

As stated before, I do hope to get more episodes subtitled eventually. While I don’t think I’ll ever complete all 109, ideally I’d like to at least subtitle the rest of the black and white ones, and possibly some selected color episodes as well. For now, I hope you enjoy this batch.

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6 Responses to Mahou Tsukai Sally – episodes 01-07 & 42-48 (batch repost)

  1. runmelos says:

    Thanks so much for this re-seed. I love it when the history of an individual project also encapsulates the more general history of fansubbing itself. It really puts things in perspective. Quite a legacy!

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  2. Mawasi says:

    I found a Russian subtitles. It’s 76/109 episodes now, but this guy seems to translating one episode a week.

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  3. Rosa Cox says:

    I never log in to Word Press sites for anything, since I usually just browse. But I’ve checked on your site off and on for the past several years and I’m just now seeing this post, and seeing that it was posted only a few months ago! I really, really hope you can get around to it! I love old anime (I’m mainly a shoujo anime fan though), and I absolutely love Mahou Tsukai Sally! Mahou Tsukai Sally, Majokko Megu-chan, and Mahou no Mako are my favorite pre-90’s animes and I hope one day they get subbed. I understand that a lot of people are more into the newest animes out there, but the old ones are still good and deserve attention too. Even if Mahou Tsukai Sally is a very basic anime (which other animes drew off of and eventually made certain themes and ideas more interesting), it was still one of the first of its kind, and it’s so sweet and heartwarming! It makes me so happy to know you still intend to sub more when you get the chance to! Thank you for all of your hard work!

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  4. Thank you for doing this! At the Journey, it’s now early ’67 so I was looking for this show to watch. I look forward to more episodes being translated!

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