Stepsisters (1985) – Episodes 01-04





April 13, 1967 was a fateful night, when both Shinobu Mastumoto and Chizuko Daimaru were born under the same mysterious star. Their backgrounds couldn’t have been more different. Chizuko was born into a Tokyo family of power and wealth, and her mother died during childbirth. Shinobu grew up in a rural fishing village, and her mother struggled to raise two daughters after her father abandoned the family and became a petty criminal, drifting in and out of jail for years. But despite their differences, Shinobu and Chizuko share a common destiny, intertwined by a secret that could end up tearing both families apart.

Chikyodai (commonly known in English as “Stepsisters”) is one of those wonderfully over the top 1980s J-Dramas produced by Daiei TV. This series was based on the 1934 Nobuko Yoshiya novel “This Road, That Road.” The same novel was also adapted into a movie directed by Yasushi Sasaki in 1936, and a Fuji TV drama titled “A Winter Round Dance” in 2005.

The first episode starts out somewhat slowly with a bit of exposition, but things don’t take very long to get just as bonkers as any of the other Daiei dramas. The show features a moody biker gang leader who expresses his rage through jazz trumpeting, a pastor who loves drinking and fighting, and a theme song that’s a cover (with very different Japanese lyrics) of the cheesy 1980s bubblegum pop-metal classic “Runaway” by Bon Jovi.

This is a joint project with G.U.I.S. (Grown Ups in Spandex), a tokusatsu subtitling group that mostly specializes in 1980s and early 1990s entries in the Toei Super Sentai series (including two of my favorites, Liveman & Jetman). We started work on this together a few years ago, but the project stalled after the first three episodes due to the translator being very busy in real life. Now we’re back on track, with a brand new episode, and new revisions of the first 3. Several more episodes are in the works, so look for those in the near future.

Get the softsubbed version from Nyaa or Mega.

Or the hardsubbed version from Nyaa or Mega.

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11 Responses to Stepsisters (1985) – Episodes 01-04

  1. addingmachine says:

    How many had you subbed prior? Just the first three, right?

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    • Nanto says:

      Yes, that’s correct. I added a mention of this to the description after you left this comment. Hope everyone likes the new episode, and there are plenty more to come!


  2. KojirohFoX says:

    I can’t believe it, very happy for the new episode

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  3. Mike García says:

    I hope you can translate the whole show


  4. Hey Nanto, I’m trying to put together a torrent of all the films directed by Keita Amemiya or that prominently feature his work from prior to ~2000 cause I’m a big fan of his and I’ve been going back and rewatching a lot of these with my wife and have had a hard time retrieving dubs and subs that used to be easier to find years ago, so I figure I’ll compile them and upload/seed a new torrent collecting good quality versions of all of them on Nyaa myself to make things easier for other people in the future.

    I want to include Skull Soldier since Amemiya designed the main suit but there’s no seeders anymore on your/HNT’s old torrent. Would it be possible for you to either seed it for me or otherwise hook me up with the file? I’d appreciate it, thanks!

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    • Nanto says:

      No problem! A collected pack of Amemiya’s film works sounds like a great idea, and I’d be happy to help.

      Since our sub (joint with Hi no Tori) this has been out of circulation and hard to find for so many years, I’ll re-post it for others to enjoy as well. Check back here later tonight, or possibly Friday.


  5. Sam says:

    Lensman new episodes please 🙂 🙂


  6. asakuraikun says:

    Thank you very much for this sub and drama.
    I can imagine how much work you have to sub it, so keep the hard work 🙂

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  7. Sukebanisfire says:

    Hi, so I’m new to this whole watching old Japanese shows, and I’ve gotten into a whole rabbit hole with this stuff, so periodt. I have a few questions because I don’t know where else I should ask. 1. What is the difference between hardsub and sofsub? 2. What is Nyaa and Mega? 3. What should I do to watch it, like how does it work, do I need to download VLC or something? Those are the main things, but overall, keep doing what y’all are doing. You guys are opening a whole new world to me and probably for others and I’m proud of you guys. This stuff is so interesting like no cap. I hope y’all see this, and have I hope y’all are in good health and staying safe.

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    • Nanto says:

      1. Hardsub means subtitles encoded into the picture. These are easier to watch on Roku, DVD players or Smart TVs with USB inputs. Softsubs are where the subtitles are muxed into the file and rendered on your computer, you can view them with a program like VLC or Media Player Classic.

      2. Nyaa is a torrent site devoted to Japanese media. To use these links you would need a bit torrent client on your computer, like uTorrrent, qBittorrrent or even Bram Cohen’s original Bit Torrent. Mega is a cloud site that provides media links that can be direct downloaded using your browser.

      3. VLC or Media Player Classic are both good programs for watching subtitled media on your computer.

      Happy to hear you are enjoying the rabbit hole of classic Japanese programming. I’ve been doing everything I can to stay safe and healthy, hopefully I have a more than a few more years of subtitling left in me…

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