Pocket Monsters (1997) – Episode 63




Pocket Monsters - 063 - Tokiwa Gym! Saigo no Badge! [RAW-KIDS][WinxBloom1980][BF17048B]_001_19693

Pocket Monsters - 063 - Tokiwa Gym! Saigo no Badge! [RAW-KIDS][WinxBloom1980][BF17048B]_001_23911

Satoshi and his friends arrive at the Tokiwa Gym in hopes of winning the 8th badge, but the gym leaders are not quite who they bargained for. Satoshi’s narcissistic rival Shigeru has a humbling encounter with a fearsome Pokémon that isn’t recognized in the official computer listings (but will definitely be recognized by fans of the series).

I’ve also made a few revisions to episode 62. Nothing major, mostly punctuation and typesetting fixes.

Get them from Nyaa:  062  063

Or from Mega:  062  063

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2 Responses to Pocket Monsters (1997) – Episode 63

  1. Cavery says:

    If you’re wondering who that Pokemon is, it’s Mewtwo. This episode (along with with Barrierd at the Pokemon Circus/It’s Mr. Mime Time and Rival Showdown! Orchid Laboratory/Showdown at the Poke Corral) were supposed to foreshadow the first movie (to me, the high point of the Shudo-era episodes), seeing how Sakaki/Giovanni was involved in its creation, but due to episode 38’s seizure incident, were pulled back until the following year. At least this intended foreshadowing was kept intact in the English version.

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    • Nanto says:

      I’m not always the biggest fan of the battle scenes in this show, but the battle between Shigeru and Sakaki, climaxing with Mewtwo, is one of the best battles I’ve seen in the show so far. This was a pretty strong episode in general in my opinion.


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