Dr. Slump/Queen Millennia crossover short?! (1981)




April Fools Day arrives two days early this year! It’s weird how I didn’t even know this two minute curiosity even existed, since I’ve been such a big fan of both shows for decades. This is an excerpt of an an hour-long promotional “Summer Anime Festival Special” that aired after Queen Millennia episode 9, featuring clips from both shows, as well as this two minute crossover segment.

A lot of you already know that Dr. Slump is currently being subtitled by shiteatersubs. Since I love the show but don’t have the resources to subtitle it myself, I’ve been assisting with the project as much as I can by pitching in with typesetting and QC.

Supposedly this two minute crossover appeared on one of the Queen Millennia DVD box sets, but it’s not on the version I have. There are some de-interlacing issues on this rip, so if anyone out owns the printing of the QM box set that contains it, please let me know! Even better would be if someone out there has a recording of the full one hour special that it came from.

Links available from our friends at shiteatersubs. And be sure check out their site later this week for a pair of rare Toriyama OVAs.

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6 Responses to Dr. Slump/Queen Millennia crossover short?! (1981)

  1. astrojosh says:

    Thanks for pointing me to where they sub Dr. Slump – Arale-chan. Been looking forever for new subs of them when the old subs website went down. Also love your subs as well thanks for subbing Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales. Never knew about that show until I found your subs.

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    • Nanto says:

      You are welcome! That’s actually one of the reasons I posted a direct link to his site, rather than posting the links here. If there are any old school anime fans that thought the Dr. Slump/Arale-chan subtitling project died when N-Cha Subs disappeared, I want to make sure they know where to get the newer episodes.


  2. dougo13 says:

    It’s here…somewhere…have seen the tape in the past year or so…but where? More goodies coming along soon…

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  3. runmelos says:

    What a find! I never knew about this crossover either.
    Thanks for always bringing us something new and unexpected, Nanto.

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