Big X (1964) – Episode 01


This is the very first anime produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Based on a manga by Osamu Tezuka, directed by Osamu Dezaki, with music by Isao Tomita.

Like the 1960s episodes of Doctor Who, there are a lot of Big X episodes that are currently missing. For a long time the first 39 episodes were thought to be lost forever, and the Japanese VHS and laserdisc releases of the 1990s only included episodes 40-59. But just as missing Doctor Who episodes continue to be found, a 16mm print of Big X episode 1 turned up (oddly enough, in the hands of an American film collector), and more recently episode 11 was found as well. And now, you can finally enjoy the Big X origin story complete with English subtitles.

Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

In the original manga Akira injects himself with the Big X formula in order to grow all big and super-heroic, but in the TV series the needle-pen injector has been changed into to a beam device, presumably to avoid an epidemic of copycat intravenous drug use on Japanese playgrounds. On the other hand, the first episode does feature a WWII flashback where Hitler offs himself with a bullet to the head.

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8 Responses to Big X (1964) – Episode 01

  1. Aardvark says:


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  2. stainedglas says:

    I did not like it. I only watched like half of the episode.


  3. kingmenu says:

    Hi Nanto glad you doing my favorite Anime Big X I had done a few subs on this for the last two years on Kingmenu site and I’m glad you did episode 01. I already subbed like 4 episodes myself . and check my archives here a link to one this one is not on the DVD release a must see.hope your doing more Kingmenu


  4. ydy says:

    I like the looks of that robot in the second episode. Thanks for the release.

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  5. KG says:

    I have seen it on YT! Thanks for the sub work 👍🏻

    Will appear more episodes on YT?

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