Akira Toriyama V Jump Festival double feature: Go, Go, Ackman! (1994) / Savings Warrior Cashman (1997)

V-Jump '94 box cover

V-Jump '94 tape

V-Jump '97 bix cover

V-Jump '97 tape

Back again, with more Toriyama madness as served up by our friends at shiteatersubs! This is a pair of rare 15 minute OVAs, based on manga written by Tori-san for V Jump magazine. Most anime fans have heard of Weekly Shonen Jump, the boys’ manga magazine published by Shuiesha that launched a million franchises. (Otoko Ippiki Gaki Daisho, Mazinger Z, Space Cobra, Kinnikuman, Dr. Slump, Hokuto no Ken, Dragon Ball, City Hunter, Sakigake!! Otokojuku, Saint Seiya, Rurouni Kenshin, One Piece, Naruto, etc…) V Jump is a sister publication that is largely devoted to video games and collectible card games, and the manga included often ties in with such games.

These OVAs were taken from the 40 minute “V Fest Videos” that you see above. These are each comprised of 25 minutes of footage from the V Fest convention, where fans could meet manga and game creators, ending with a 15 minute “V Fest Original Animation” that had premiered at that year’s convention. Also, if you look closely at the covers, you’ll notice that there is no suggested retail price as you will find on most Japanese media; I think these tapes were exclusive freebies given away to the magazine’s subscribers.  Therefore they are fairly rare collectibles, sought after by Toriyama fans on the auction sites. Special thanks goes to Amer for his help in purchasing both of them. Luckily I still have a working VHS HiFi transfer setup,  and the stereo mix on both of these OVAs is quite good…watch the opening scene of Cashman with headphones for an example of a studio that knows how to properly mix foley effects in stereo.


Go! Go! Ackman (1994)_001_4831

Go! Go! Ackman (1994)

Ackman is a young demon who awakes from a 50 year nap, just in time for his 200th birthday. His parents explain that as a 200 year old demon, it is time for him to go out and start murdering humans and collecting their souls. Ackman will do the killing, and collect the souls (in a jar, the job of his winged sidekick Gordon) to sell to the Dark Demon Lord. A hapless angel who tries to stop this potential killing spree only ends up making things worse. But along the way, the angel discovers that Ackman does have one weakness…

Savings Warrior Cashman (1997)_001_1253

Savings Warrior Cashman (1997)_001_1974

Savings Warrior Cashman (1997)_001_3031

Savings Warrior Cashman (1997)

Chapat is an alien whose spaceship has crash-landed on Earth, after his fuel tank is punctured in a space battle. Since his spaceship runs on gold, Chapat must become a superhero for hire…Savings Warrior Cashman! Only two things stand in his way of his plan to save money to buy enough gold to re-fuel his ship: the space monsters who shot him down, and the gold-digging girlfriend trope.

Get them both from the friendly folks at shiteatersubs.

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