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April Fools! English dubbed Mazinger Z & Gaiking?!

First issue to get out of the way: these are not episodes of Tranzor Z or Force Five. Before either of those shows existed, Toei tried the experiment of hiring an English dubbing studio (M&M Communications, in Honolulu) to dub … Continue reading

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Dokincho! Nemurin (1984) – Episode 03

Time to kick off Confuse-Your-Friends Day with another Nemurin episode. Get it from Nyaa or Mega. The last time I posted one of these for April Fools, I wrote an elaborate explanation about how I was dropping all of my … Continue reading

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Pocket Monsters (1997) – Episode 72

I figured a good April Fool’s release would be something you’d never expect to see released by TSHS. I actually don’t hate this show or anything, but I find the main characters rather bland and uninteresting. I do like the … Continue reading

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