Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episode 22

Here’s the next installment in the final story arc of Lensman. En route to Flick’s home planet Albit, the crew of the Brittania are forced to land on the planet Mashitora.

Get the softsub from Nyaa or Mega

…or the hardsub from Nyaa or Mega.

This is a joint project with our friends in the /m/subs crew. Thanks to sky79 for the translation, starseeker for translation QC, and MartyMcFlies for final checks. And of course special thanks to Dougo13 for sharing his ancient Betamax recording of the episode, taped by his friend in Nagasaki on March 9, 1985.

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3 Responses to Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episode 22

  1. David E. says:

    Once again I’m here to heap praise or Nanto and everyone else who helped to bring us the Lenman T.V. series. I’m amazed that a tape has survived from 1985, since even my DVDs don’t seem to survive the ravages of time, but I’m grateful that it has and now we can share in more 80’s anime goodness.
    Thank you very much Nanto, as always I appreciate your efforts very much. I’m also thankful for you stick-to-itiveness with this series, lesser people would have given up on it by now. Many Thanks!

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  2. runmelos says:

    Another treasured Lensman episode snatched from the ravages of time.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  3. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for all the amazing work you do, I’m a big fan and this site features some of the most interesting obscure titles out there. Is there any way to contact you through e-mail?


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