Spectreman (1971) – Episode 48

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of one of my all-time favorite tokusatsu series. When I was growing up in the 1970s, afternoons on the UHF airwaves of the Chicago area were full of cool Japanese superhero shows and cartoons, particularly on WSNS TV-44. Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (Giant Robo live-action), Ultraman, Space Giants (Ambassador Magma), as well as anime like Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo!) and Prince Planet (Yusei Shonen Papi) all got me hooked on the Japanese style of storytelling that seemed so excitingly different from what I was used to from US television.

Spectreman was probably my favorite of these shows at the time, and this is one of my favorite episodes. The plot owes a debt to “Flowers for Algernon,” the Hugo-award winning story by Daniel Keyes about a developmentally disabled adult who volunteers as a test subject for an experimental intelligence-enhancing surgery.

In Spectreman’s version of the story, Charlie Gordon becomes soba shop delivery boy Sankichi, Algernon the mouse is replaced by a dog named Bobby, and the process only goes awry when evil space ape Dr. Gori gets involved. Tragedy ensues, and as per usual for this show said tragedy involves groovy giant monster suits. I love those P Productions monster suits.

Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

Like most Spectreman stories this one is a two-parter, so look forward to the exciting conclusion in the near future. The incredibly catchy US theme song (which always reminded me of “Pinball Wizard” by The Who) is not included here, but you can find it (along with many full episodes of the English dub) on YouTube.

By the way, this Spectreman two-parter was written by Haruya Yamazaki, the same person who wrote the Kiriland episodes of Lensman: Galactic Patrol. He was a prolific scriptwriter for anime & tokusatsu series for many years, and wrote about half the episodes of 1978’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock, one of my all-time favorite anime series.

Special thanks to August Ragone for letting me use his translated lyrics to the opening and ending theme songs, and for much needed assistance with the end credits. August also provided that cool scan from a 1979 issue of TV Week, the Sunday Chicago Tribune’s listings magazine.

If you enjoy this episode, you might also enjoy the rare P Productions Leopardman and Jaguarman pilots that I subtitled as a joint project with Hi No Tori Fansubs in 2013. You get those from Nyaa or Mega.

More good news from the comments for fans of P Productions. Check out Kiyan Shahab’s YouTube channel here for some subtitled episodes of the classic 1972 series Kaiketsu Lion Maru, as well as remastered episodes of the Spectreman & Space Giants English dubs.

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10 Responses to Spectreman (1971) – Episode 48

  1. Aardvark says:

    OMG! Can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tetsujin28 says:

    Always pleasing to find something new subtitled. Thank you. …more more! When you can, of course.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Navin Devara says:

    Please sub whole series!


  4. frankrx2 says:

    Please do the patron if you need a donation for your hardworks


  5. Kiyan Shahab says:

    Hello, I’ve been wanting to remaster the English dub of the series, and I actually got as far as the first 20 episodes, but raws of the Japanese DVDs simply are not publicly available past that point, so I humbly ask, since you clearly had access to Japanese DVD raws, could you perhaps upload them somewhere?


    • Nanto says:

      Sadly I do not have all of Spectreman in Japanese, I only have episodes 48-49. The series was released on BD in 2016, but even the DVD box set is a bit out of my price range at the moment.

      Best of luck on the project though, and thank you VERY MUCH for those Kaiketsu Lion Maru dubtitles on YT. That show is fantastic, and has gone un-subtitled for far too long.


  6. Medama Oyaji says:

    Speaking of P Productions toku, someone’s been subbing Lion Maru! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9yHLQpR8xZ-Hy36pdCy9-qiF6l6yleNr

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  7. Henshin Man says:

    Hey, nice to see another fan of P Productions here! I just started fansubbing Tetsujin Tiger Seven on my YT channel; you can check it out here: https://youtu.be/g4D0A-8wmVc. Please note that this is an all-new translation & not based on Hi no Tori’s, nor did my translator use HnT’s as a reference.

    I also picked up Dinosaur War Izenborg & have been retiming & revising ARR’s mangled sub scripts so they sync right & sound like proper English. You can watch episode #1 here: https://youtu.be/621ii_sfPFA, episode #2 is also up there, and #3 is nearly done!

    Finally, for fans of the super-rare Denjin Zaborger series, my team is almost done fansubbing the first episode! The timing just needs a little tightening up & it’ll be good to go! It should be ready by next week, so look for it on the channel.

    Thanks again for showing P Productions some love, and keep on subbing whatever you can, whenever you can–you’ll always have a fan in me, Nanto!

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  8. Goro says:

    Hey, could you upload the 2nd part when you have time?


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