Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 12

Well, almost everybody…

I’m sure regular viewers of this show have noticed how fast the plot has started moving in the last few episodes. Well, this episode is no exception…

Get the softsub from Nyaa or Mega

Or the hardsub from Nyaa or Mega

Or stream them from this Mega link.

And be sure check out our partner group, Grown Ups in Spandex. Without their help, this project would probably never have gotten off the ground, much less be nearing the halfway mark.

Also, remember how I mentioned a while back that Big Nova Subs was working on the superb action series Shoujo Commando IZUMI? Well, in December they completed subtitling all 15 episodes, and I highly recommend them. It’s quite not as well known as the Sukeban Deka shows, but shares some of the same writers, directors, and other production staff. I think early on in development Toei might have been considering calling it Sukeban Deka IV, but I’m glad they didn’t. IZUMI has a similar vibe but is also very much its own thing, and not just because the protagonist has a rocket launcher instead of a steel yo-yo. You can get the whole series from Big Nova Subs here.

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5 Responses to Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 12

  1. Lee says:

    Hooray! Thank you so much!

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  2. KojirohFoX says:

    Many twists and turns in this episode, it looks like things are going to heat up now, thanks for the amazing work, see ya.

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  3. GT says:

    I have a question, Do I have permission to upload this to YouTube to help other viewers watch this show if they don’t have the same tools, or does that violate something? Follow up question, if a can should I credit you as well as Grown Ups in Spandex? Are there any other people I should credit that I might have missed? I’ve been wanting to show my friends but they don’t have the tools and we can’t see each other due to COVID. Thank you for your time! I really appreciate the subbing of this show, these shows are definitely rabbit holes, stay strong!

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    • Nanto says:

      I’d kind of rather not see these show up on YT just yet. But I do thank you very much for asking first… a lot of people post my subs there, without asking and sometimes without as much as a link to my site.

      I’m also grateful that you want to share these episodes with your friends, and obviously this is a crucial time for people to stay connected remotely. So I’ve created a new Mega link to all of the episodes we’ve released in streamable form. Your friends don’t need to be tech savvy or anything to use this, they can just double-click on the thumbnail of an episode and watch it right away.

      I hope this helps. And G.U.I.S. and I are busily working away at more new episodes. As many twists and turns as the last few episodes have had, the next two are even wilder…


  4. Aardvark says:

    Thank you and Happy New Year!
    Downloaded Shoujo Commando IZUMI and put it on my watch list, looks interesting.

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