Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 08





Shinobu and Taeko have returned to the Daimaru mansion, but have been moved to a spartan room in the attic like the other housemaids. Now they must work much harder to earn their keep, and Chizuko takes this opportunity to work them even harder still, leading Shinobu to become ill. Michio and his gang try intercept Gozo on his way to the airport, to deliver a letter of challenge written in Michio’s own blood. Masato studies a book on the psychology of bullies, to try and find a solution to Chizuko’s behavior.

Get the softsub from Nyaa or Mega

…or the hardsub from Nyaa or Mega.

This is a joint project with our friends at Grown Ups in Spandex, also home to many great tokusatsu projects like Liveman and Jetman. You can check out their site here.

And since many fans of Stepsisters also enjoy Shoujo Commando IZUMI, it’s worth reminding people that Big Nova Subs released episodes 4-6 last month. They’ve also started work on groovy 70s tokustatsu The Kagestar, as a joint project with Metallic Fansubs.

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6 Responses to Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 08

  1. KojirohFoX says:

    Incredible episode, thanks again for the hard work, taeko-chan <3.


  2. Aardvark says:

    Love this show, thanks!


  3. d0postma says:

    Please reupload or reseed Battle Hawk 😦


  4. Sam says:

    Hi Nanto, i hate to bother you but are there any updates regarding the upcoming Lensman episode?
    Thank you as usual.


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