Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 07




Still furious over the kimono incident, Chizuko decides to get out some of her frustrations by thrashing about at a disco in Roppongi. But Chizuko’s rage-dancing is interrupted by Michio Tanabe, who has been staking out the club in wait for her. Unfortunately Michio doesn’t seem to know (or care) that this club happens to be the hangout of Takeshi Osada’s Demon Gang. When the shit hits the fan (or “things go totally texas” as they say in Norway), Shinobu ends up getting caught in the mêlée

Get the mkv softsub from Nyaa or Mega.

Or the mp4 hardsub from Nyaa or Mega.

This is a joint project with our friends at Grown Ups in Spandex, also home to many great tokusatsu projects like Liveman and Jetman. You can check out their site here.

Also, if you like 80s J-Drama, I’d suggest checking out Big Nova Subs, who recently  started subtitling the fantastic sukeban drama Shoujo Commando IZUMI. Their completed tokustatsu projects include the 90s series Changerion, as well as two classic Shotaro Ishnomori shows from the 80s, Machineman and Bycrosser. Another of their current projects is Ishinomori’s 1970s Kyodyne, a show I got hooked years ago when Nora Inu “G” subtitled the first four episodes in the LaserDisc->S-VHS era. Check out the Big Nova Subs site here.

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10 Responses to Stepsisters (1985) – Episode 07

  1. asakuraikun says:

    Once again, thanks!
    Twice, for the sub recommendation.

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  2. hk 97 says:

    Thanks nanto for continuing this awesome series

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  3. jo youtubo says:

    Really excited for both Stepsisters and Shoujo Commando (thanks for linking to it, I’m not in the loop at all when it comes to those things). Sukeban Deka had some of the same crazy energy as Toei’s 70s delinquent movies (and 70s Toei movies in general), condensed into 20-minute episodes. Anything in that vein is an instant watch for me.

    Now I can only dream that somebody will take an interest in slightly more “grown” series like G-Men ’75 or Hissatsu! one day.

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  4. Juan says:

    Oooo.. a new toy, thank you!
    I love that Izumi’s rocket launcher says “Fire and Forget.” Total badass.

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  5. KojirohFoX says:

    Once again, thank you very much for the episode, especially with the combo of Shoujo Commando IZUMI (I hope to see Hana no Asuka-gumi and Sailor Suit Rebel Alliance one day too), with each episode the series becomes more interesting, looking forward to the next episode. See ya

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  6. OldSchool Japanese TV says:

    Can we please have Ponytail wa Furimukanai 1985 J-Drama, after stepsisters is finished.ポニーテールはふり向かない-1985


    • Nanto says:

      Funny you should mention Ponytail, as we’ve actually discussed subtitling it when Stepsisters is complete. It’s a very similar Daiei-TV drama, and even has several of the same cast members.


      • jo youtubo says:

        So I was looking into Ponytail and not only does it have some of the same cast members, but it also has the same directors (minus one), same producers, one of the same screenwriters and the same composer (Shunsuke Kikuchi).
        I was talking about that ’70s Toei feel before, and it turns out one of those directors is Kazuhiko Yamaguchi, who started out making movies at Toei through the ’70s. He was reponsible for the Delinquent Girl Boss series with Reiko Oshida, the Mas Oyama trilogy with Sonny Chiba (Karate Bullfighter, etc.), and many more. He also worked on G-Men ’75 (which I was also talking about) before going to work at Daiei TV, so that’s quite a coincidence. I always thought he had a great sense of style. Another of the directors, Mio Ezaki, was a ’60s Nikkatsu veteran who went to work in TV when Nikkatsu switched to Roman Porno.

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    • Ryan says:

      Here’s another vote for Ponytail wa Furimukanai. It’s currently airing on TBS channel 2 every day this month so I’m watching it without subs 😦


  7. Medama Oyaji says:

    Stepsisters and Izumi are my favorite fansubs happening at the moment!

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