Pocket Monsters (1997) – Episode 62


Pocket Monsters - 062-2

Pocket Monsters - 062-3

Pocket Monsters - 062-4

Pocket Monsters - 062-5

Q: Pocket Monsters? But it isn’t even April Fools Day.

A: It’s true that I’m not a big fan of this show. I don’t have any opinions on the English dubbed version (apart from thinking the theme song is awful) because I’ve literally never seen a single episode of it. In Japanese with English subtitles the show is watchable enough in my opinion. Cool villains and the first theme song is incredible catchy. As for the heroes…meh.

The reason I’m not saving these episodes for an April Fools release (as I previously did with episode 72) is because I just realized that this project has been in various stages for the last 20 years, which is a long time even for me. Time to just finish the episodes and release them already.

Q: Which episodes are you subtitling?

A: 62-64,71-72,80-83.

Q: How did this project come about?

A: Well, back when this show was fairly new, of course there were those notorious three episodes (18, 35 and 38) that didn’t get dubbed into English as part of the original syndication package. I was fairly new to the fan subtitling scene at the time, but I had been doing VHS trading for the previous 15 years, and a subtitled tape of those three episodes seemed like something that people would want to trade for. Scripts for these three “lost episodes” were easily available from the newsgroups (can’t remember if it was rec.arts.anime or alt.fan.pokemon) and I traded with someone who had tapes of the broadcasts from Japan.

Some time after this, I traded for some random subtitled episodes: 62-64 and 80-82. The VHS copies weren’t great, but the subtitles were legible, so over a period of time I transcribed them (manually, this was before programs existed to OCR subtitles) with the intent of releasing my own versions of them. The episodes didn’t list the name of the subtitling group, it’s possible they were subtitled by one of those bootleggers you used to see selling clamshell VHS tapes at SF & comic conventions.

Ideally in those days, when you were making VHS and S-VHS tapes of subtitled episodes, you would want to release a full tape with four (or sometimes even five) episodes. Some family members and friends spoke very highly of episode 72 (the tragic origin story of my favorite character, Nyasu) so I bought the pre-recorded VHS tape (which also contained episode 71) and sent 72 to one of my translators at that time, to go on the same tape with 62-64. With episodes 80-82 taking the show through the end of the Sekiei League arc, I decided to fill out that tape by getting episode 83 (the first in the Orange Islands arc) translated as well.

All these years later, no-one has seen most of these episodes I’ve subtitled, except the handful of people that I traded VHS tapes of them with. So without further ado, here’s episode 62. More to follow soonish.

Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

Thanks to WinxBloom1980 for the raw source, recorded off the Kids Station channel in Japan, and meticulously cleaned up & de-logoed. Bizarre that after more than 20 years these early episodes have still never been released on DVD. Also thanks to Sakoera Tyan for help with styling & QC, and Lord Starfish of Some-Stuffs (the group subtitling the new episodes airing on Japanese TV currently) for the opening theme and motto translations.

If you’re interested in more subtitled Pocket Monsters, episodes 1-46 and 65-66 are available from PocketMonsters Fansubs, you can find the links here. If you want to see the newest episodes, subtitled every week as they air, check out Some-Stuffs here.

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8 Responses to Pocket Monsters (1997) – Episode 62

  1. Cavery says:

    Thanks for the sub! As a huge Takeshi Shudo-era Pokemon fan, I love seeing more subtitled episodes of his run…
    Little suggestions:
    The Meowth origin episode is actually episode 70, as the Bulbapedia considers the two episodes after episode 38 (Holiday Hi-Jynx/Rougela’s Christmas and Snow Way Out!/Iwark as a Bivouak) special episodes since they aired out of cronological order because of the Pokemon Shock incident.
    So the episodes you subbed were actually 62-64, 70-71 and 79-81. By the way, it would make sense to batch EP069 with EP070, since EP070 continues from that one.
    Secondly, it would be nice for more casual fans that when a Pokemon is first mentioned, you get their Japanese name followed by their English name, unless it’s like Pikachu, where the name is the same in both versions.
    For example:
    (Pippi = Clefairy)
    In addition, most Pokemon have official romanizations that you could use:
    Nyasu – Nyarth
    Junsa – Junsar (A play on the word for police, junsa)
    Four Emperors – Elite Four (While it is a dub-ism, it is a pretty accurate translation all things considered.)
    Shiba (Bruno) – Siba


    • Nanto says:

      Hi, Cavery. Glad to hear you’re looking forward to seeing more Takeshi Shudo Pocket Monsters episodes. These scripts have been gathering dust for too long. I noticed that PocketMonsters Fansubs seems to have stalled at episode 46, does anyone know if the group is still active?

      I’m not a fan of the English dubbed version, so I’m not planning on including any references to the English Pokémon names. As for whether or not to use the official localized names, that’s kind of done on an ad-hoc basis just depending on what I like the sound of. “Nyarth,” “Team Rocket” and “Elite Four” are examples of official localisations that just sound wrong to me. But there’s no logic to it, my personal taste was heavily influenced by the translations on Usenet newsgroups in the late 90s.

      I actually agree about the numbering. When I made the old analog VHS fansubs of these episodes, the tapes were numbered using the old scheme where the “specials” did not have episode numbers, but were often given designations like SP3. But when I posted a DVD-R of my VHS pre-record of episodes 69 (Pokemon: the Movie!) and 70 (Nyasu’s ABCs) to the now-defunct Asian DVD Club, I was informed that everyone now considers these to be episodes 71 and 72. I ended up deciding to go along with the new numbering scheme, as it’s what they are using on various sites like ANN and even the Japanese Wikipedia page, not to mention the WinxBloom1980 raws that I’m using for these releases.


      • Cavery says:

        Nyarth is actually the official romanization for ニャース on official merchandise. Your thinking of his English name, Meowth.
        Secondly, my suggestion on English names were just when they first appear in the episode to alliviate potential confusion. Most casual viewers will be like “Who’s Yungeller!?”, so a simple “Yungeller = Kadabra” note when the Pokemon first appears would help casual viewers who are only familiar with the English versions of the games and anime catch on quicker.
        Secondly, Bulbapedia, which uses the episode numbering scheme I mentioned, is considered by many to be the definative Pokemon resource. They label it as a special due to airing out of the original production order and thus, out of continuity. It aired between episode 64 (Barried and the Pokemon Circus/It’s Mr. Mime Time) and episode 65 (Rival Showdown! Orchid Laboratory/Showdown at the Poke Corral). For example, Satoshi’s Hitokage (Charmander) should be a Lizardo (Charmeleon), and Kasumi (Misty) still has her Starmie and Tattu (Horsea) (which she left at the Hanada Gym in episode 61) and no Togepi (which she caught in episode 50.) Thus, Bulbapedia considers those episodes to be specials.


      • bluesun says:

        Pokemon’s numbering is often a mess, unfortunately.

        People will complain about 274-count, people will complain about 276-count, Kids Station uses a 279-count, and nobody’s tried to put Kanto in production order but I imagine people would complain about that too.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nanto says:

    Ironically I prefer the old numbering system, and I do consider Bulbapedia to be the mostly definitive resource for Pokéknowledge. But since I am using these high quality raws from WinxBloom1980, it would feel weird to change their numbering scheme.


  3. Champstice says:

    Hey Nanto, would you mind giving me your email address (or emailing me at mine if you still have it)? Want to talk to you about That Project you seemed interested in collabing before. If you’re still interested, of course, no worries if you’re not.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. reminon says:

    Is it possible to get the source files from before the subs were added? Looking for clean raws for Japanese immersion.


    • Nanto says:

      These are softsubs (not something I usually do, but I wanted to preserve the quality of the WinxBloom1980 raws, since they put so much work into cleaning them up.) It’s easy to turn the subs off if you want to watch in pure Japanese.

      Also the full set of their raws for all of PM the original series can be found here: https://nyaa.si/view/786200 Very nice quality for a show that still (as far as I know) has never been released on DVD in Japan.


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