Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episode 12


For the final release of the decade, here’s another episode of the Lensman TV series. I don’t think anyone will be sad to hear that this is the last appearance of Haynes’ granddaughter Lily. Written by legendary anime scribe Haruya Yamazaki, this episode features an amusement park planet, an alien space pirate disguised as an evil clown, and a Trojan dinosaur. The business with Lily and the space pirates kinda reminds me of the short story “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry, albeit with a very different ending.

Get the softsubbed mkv from Nyaa or Mega. or Anidex.

Or the hardsubbed mp4 from Nyaa or Mega. or Anidex.

Our partner group in this joint project is the crew from /m/subs, you can check out their site here. Much thanks to sky79 for the translation, starseeker for the translation QC, and MartyMcFlies for final checks. And of course massive thanks to Dougo13 for providing the ultra rare video source, from an old Betamax videocassette recorded for him by a friend in Nagasaki on December 28, 1984. Damn, is that really 35 years and 3 days ago? Time flies when you’re having fun.

Well, the 2010s turned out to be a very interesting decade for English speaking fans of Japanese television. I grew up watching English dubbed anime and tokusastu in the 1970s. I became a hardcore fan in the 1980s, at a time when subtitled material was very scarce and difficult to find. I always wanted to subtitle stuff of my own, but in those days the equipment was very hard to come by.

The 1990s brought a boom in both fan subtitling and the professional licensing of anime on VHS (and later DVD), but it was a boom that largely left fans of older shows in the cold. Apart from Central Anime, Nora Inu “G” and a handful of other groups, some of the best fan subtitling of the decade was actually done by Corn Pone Flicks, not a fan subtitling group at all, but rather a group devoted to amateur film-making, parody dubs, and music videos.

This situation slowly starting turning around in the 2000s, and only kept improving in the 2010s. Old school anime and tokusatsu (and to a lesser degree even J-Drama) suddenly started gaining popularity, with fan subtitlers, offcial licensed DVD/BD releases and of course the legal streaming revolution. If you told me how much anime and toku from 1989 and earlier I would be able to watch with English subtitles by 2019, I would have said: “Wait, I’m still alive in 2019?”

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18 Responses to Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episode 12

  1. Sam says:

    Thank you very much 🙂

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  2. Thank you very much for the new release! 🙂

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  3. drmecha says:

    Thank you!!!!!!! Happy new year 2020.

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  4. runmelos says:

    Yep. Not sad to see Lily exit stage left.
    But I’m thrilled as beans to see this project progressing. Definitely my favorite of all current fansubing efforts.
    Thanks for keeping it going, and thanks for a little trip down nostalgia lane. 35 years … Really?
    Well, if it takes that long for great stuff like Lensman TV to see the fan-subbed light of day, then it’s all worth it. Thanks again.

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  5. Mike says:

    Great work as usual, thanks for everything to you and to everyone working on hunting down the tapes.

    35 years, whew, that makes me feel old, too. I can still remember my very first meeting with fantraslations in my native language, more than two decades ago. Hentai dounjinshi mostly, because of course (the comics themselves were imported by a couple fans who had made the trip to Japan, though as technology made it easier to exchange image files and raw files of manga scans started to pop up on Emule, a few more mainstream series started to circulate as well). There were a couple of comic books shops in my city where you’d have to go to have a peek at them, in all their xeroxed and badly edited glory. One of them closed down ten years ago, sadly, and thinking about it makes me feel even older.

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  6. Aardvark says:

    Happy 2020 and thanks for the new episode!

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  7. Sam says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode, hope that Nanto has some good news for us regarding it 🙂 🙂 🙂


  8. Nanto says:

    Early stages yet, but episode 13 has been sent to the translator. I’d say March would be a reasonably good bet for seeing 13 with subtitles. Not a solid bet, could be later or even sooner. But what I can say is, you can expect 13 and other new episodes will be out, slowly but surely we’ll get them done.


  9. Ben says:

    When I checked the Mega link, the placement of the files for each version were all screwed up. The movies were the corrected versions, but the TV episodes in all but one case were the softsubs, even in the hardsub folder. When can you fix that?


  10. Paul Rippin says:

    Thanks very much for these wonderful sub-titled episodes. It has been a lot of fun and pleasure to watch the 12 so far, and I await 13 eagerly. Just one little thing – Why Brittania and not Britannia? Can someone please enlighten me.


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    • Nanto says:

      You are welcome! It’s always nice to hear from people who are enjoying watching these. Episode 13 is indeed in the works, the start of a weird four-episode arc with a “swords n’ sorcery in space” flavor.

      The reason for the weird spelling of Brittania? (The Firefox spellcheck just underlined it for me.) That’s how E. E. “Doc” Smith spelled it in the Lensman books.


  11. Mnahel Salh says:

    thank you very much
    do you have the rest of ep raw ?


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