Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 27


This joint project with Hokuto no Gun finally inches past the halfway mark, with a rather unique episode. A decade before his groundbreaking work on the Captain Harlock TV series, Rintaro co-directed several early episodes of Sabu & Ichi, helping to establish the show’s visual style for other directors. This is the first and only Sabu & Ichi episode in which Rintaro receives a solo director’s credit, and the master’s work in some of the action scenes really shines. Particularly notable is Ichi’s climactic beach-side duel with the ronin bodyguard, complete with a few strategically intercut live-action bits. Even in a low budget weekly TV series, Rintaro’s cinematic ambitions were foreshadowed.

Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

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3 Responses to Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 27

  1. Mike says:

    Oh, I had been waiting for this episode in particular. Thank you once more, you’re doing an amazing work as usual.

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  2. deleuzean says:

    I’m so grateful for your work on this series.
    Seeing these have honestly been life changing for me. I hope that earlier anime history will one day get its due in the English language markets.

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