X-Bomber (1980) – Episodes 01-02

X Bomber 02_001_6116

X Bomber 02_001_6315


So a few years ago I subtitled the first episode of this puppet series created by Go Nagai, in homage to the classic 1960s UK Gerry Anderson Supermarionation series that were just as popular in Japan as they were in their home country. Ironically X-Bomber wasn’t as popular in Japan, but the English dubbed version was a smash hit in the UK. The US only got a few compilation movies on pay-cable, and eventually a poorly done VHS release.

A friend of mine recently alerted me to the Star Fleet/X-Bomber Homepage, a UK site devoted to the series. On their forum, a member called Bladez636 had posted an English translated script for episode 2, translated by DragonQuestWes. Apparently they were planning to subtitle episodes 1-3 and 18 (the latter being the recap episode that was never dubbed into English) but the project stalled and the translator never got around to working on episode 3.

In any case, I asked Bladez636 for permission to subtitle episode 2 with their unused script, and he kindly agreed. Of course as long as I was subtitling episode 2, I had to do some clean-up work on my old version of episode 1 (ya’ll know how I am) and here is the result.

[Links removed – entire series released by Discotek!]

Who knows if I’ll get around to subtitling more of these. I’d like to do the test pilot episode, and possibly that recap episode 18. But the X-Bomber thingy I’d really like to subtitle is this rare behind the scenes special that aired the week before the series premiere. It’s on YouTube in Japanese with original commercials here. If only I could find a better copy of this, preferably MPG but at least an h264 640×480 at a decent bitrate. Shame it wasn’t included as an extra on the DVD set, but these type of specials often get wiped after they air, and sometimes only fan recordings like this one exist.


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11 Responses to X-Bomber (1980) – Episodes 01-02

  1. runmelos says:

    Thanks for bringing this one to light. Seems like it has been well off the radar for most of the subbing community. Living up to your motto indeed! Nanto ga yaraneba, dare ga yaru?

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  2. Someone says:

    Nanto, there’s some article on Kotaku that referred to GeGeGe no Kitarou as a ripoff of Yokai Watch.

    Talk about ignorance…

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    • Nanto says:

      On Verne Innhel’s old site devoted to 80s and early 90s idol singers, he would get e-mails from people insisting that the Onyanko Club was a ripoff of Morning Musume. As with the Kitaro/Yokai Watch controversy, one can only assume the alleged plagiarism involved a time machine.


  3. One can hope that with Discotek having released the dubbed Star Fleet episodes they will be releasing X-Bomber somewhere down the line. They had mentioned no plans at the time, but who knows!

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  4. Aardvark says:

    Damn, now I’ll have bump something off the top of my watch list for the umpteenth time. By the way Verne Innhel’s old site also had some great info on the Sukeban Deka series.

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  5. AV says:

    Any plans to re-encode some of the previous kitaro rips with sources from Nyaa ID 1015288 and 992065?


  6. dougo13 says:

    Found my tape with the first episode dated 1980-10-11 which means i do not have the preview episode as that aired the week before my bud in Japan started recording things for me. Bummer…


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