Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episodes 01-07 softsub & hardsub batches


TSHS and our friends in the /m/subs crew are back at it again. Here’s a batch containing shiny new and improved versions of the first six episodes we had previously released, along with a brand new subtitled episode.

Get the mkv softsubs from Nyaa, Anidex, or Mega.

Get the mp4 hardsubs from Nyaa, Anidex, or Mega.

The Lensman TV series is quite rare. In fact there are probably quite a few people reading this who remember the movie, but had no idea it spawned a series. Only the first six episodes have ever had any kind of official home video release in Japan (on VHS and LaserDisc in the 80s), and the chances of the series ever being released on DVD seem slim to none. So a big thanks goes to the hardcore old-school video collectors who have provided the raw sources…without their dedication and generosity, this project would not have been possible. Thanks to Alrow for the LaserDisc episodes, Dougo13 for the Betamax ones, and Laurine & AnimeSennin for VHS sources of some upcoming episodes.

Did I say upcoming episodes? Yes, this project is still very much alive. Stay tuned…

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5 Responses to Lensman: Galactic Patrol (1984) – Episodes 01-07 softsub & hardsub batches

  1. runmelos says:

    Can’t believe this gem is finally seeing the light of day. Thanks, nanto for your continued work. Pure excellence!!

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  2. asuka2024 says:

    Thank You, Ive been wanting to see Lensman Galactic Patrol subbed since I first heard about it back in the late 1980’s !!!

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  3. sakuga80 says:

    Hi. I’m a collector But mainly I am a researcher of animation styles of animators and anime studios of the 80s.
    I have seen the first chapters that you have shared.
    For many years I have searched for the Galactic Patrol Lensman series. But not only for the series but also and mainly to know which animators worked in the chapters.
    Years ago I discovered that some chapters were animated by AIC and also (thanks to a video in nicovideo) that the last episode (the 25th) was animated by Artland !!! (the co-creators of Macross !!!).
    (my blog is in spanish only. sorry)

    Do you have more chapters? Do you have the complete series?
    Apart from that I want to see her, I am very interested in knowing the staff of animators of each chapter.
    It seems strange what I am going to ask you. But, is it possible that you send me some captures of the credits of the animators of each chapter?

    In my search for the tv series I have also discovered some people who seem to have the complete series or some chapters.

    The japanese user of nicovideo who shared the ending of the last episode of the series Lensan was called “BlueKnight” or “Blue Knight” I do not remember well. It was many years ago maybe 6, 7 years or more. But the video is still in nicovideo. I do not know if it’s from the same user, but the watermark with its initials “BK” is there:

    There is also a nicovideo user who shared the ending of episode 19 or 20. It is possible that he has some title too:

    is a Japanese man, Jiro Tanaka, who has an infinite amount of beta recordings, including the complete Lensman series (yes, complete, the 25 episodes and in beta!). Although that person clarifies that he does not physically share his beta or make copies of his recordings, perhaps if he is offered any amount of money he could agree to sell some copies.

    Finally, a Japanese twitter user commented about a week ago that he is watching the last chapters of the Lensman series. The user uploaded some images of the last episodes! Therefore this person has more episodes!

    Excuse me for my bad English.

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