GeGeGe no Kitaro (1985) – Episodes 001-030, 033-039 [NGN subtitles]




NOTE: it has been pointed out in the comments that some of these episodes were numbered incorrectly. This was my error, dougo13 sent me the correct episodes, somehow I bungled the numbers at the encoding stage. I’ve fixed all of the links, and also added a bunch of new episodes that dougo13 provided.

Here’s a batch of the first 30 episodes of the third series of Kitaro, as shown on Nippon Golden Network, a Hawaiian pay cable channel with mostly acceptable English subtitles cued live with a Chyron character generator. Thanks to Laurine for episodes 1-5, and dougo13 for episodes 6 and up. As before, I have left in any commercials, promos and station IDs that were recorded before and after each episode, for extra old-school sauce.

I decided to change to a three digit numbering system for third and fourth season Kitaro, since both series do make it past the 100 episode mark.

Get them from Nyaa, Anidex, or Userscloud: 001  002  003  004  005  006  007  008  009  010  011  012  013  014  015  016  017  018  019  020  021  022  023  024  025  026  027  028  029  030  033  034  035  036  037  038  039

Someone pointed out that the CRC for episode 008 is incorrect on the Nyaa and Anidex batches. This won’t affect playback of the file of course. The correct CRC is 0CE9B2B8.

More Kitaro & Yonimo episodes in the near future, as dougo13 continues to make progress finding and digitizing rare old tapes from his collection. And of course several subtitling projects of my own are still moving forward…

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17 Responses to GeGeGe no Kitaro (1985) – Episodes 001-030, 033-039 [NGN subtitles]

  1. Cavery says:

    A guy called Dragonballpast on Youtube had some DB and DBZ episodes done by NGN. I think he had had Episodes DB 087 (Yamcha vs. Tenshinhan), DB 108 (Goku vs. Tambourine), DBZ 028 (Piccolo and Kami-sama die), DBZ 035 (Vegeta leaves Earth, end of Saiyan arc), DBZ 082 (Freeza’s second transformation) and DBZ 083 (Freeza’s final transformation). He was unfortanetly taken down by Toei.


  2. dougo13 says:

    Yes. Worthless though as there are much better subbed versions and these still have only the optical track audio. Everyone is looking for the original broadcast audio but those tapes are rare indeed since you would have had to have recorded all the episodes from the Tokyo station that broadcast them at the time. My original tapes all have the 12 KHz upper limit filter used to filter out white noise in transmissions outside Tokyo (those tapes were recorded in Nagasaki). Since most of those tapes were recorded in Beta format, they are currently lost to me since I have no working Beta equipment to transfer them with.


  3. Thanks, this is great. I have a DVD set of NGN’s Kuruma Tengu and it actually winds up being easier to read along since the sentences are so expurgated. I love these wonky NGN subs. It’s like they had someone listen to the dialog and paraphrase rather than actually translating/transliterating. Like those comedy skits where someone ask a German (for instance) a question, the German spends 3 minutes talking, and the translator sums it up as one word. There’s something charming about those.
    I’m guessing the Kitaro subs are the same way. Will check it out!


  4. Maria says:

    Episode 020 and episode 022 are the same episode in this batch about the Amanojaku and the old man.


    • Maria says:

      Okay so ep 021 and ep 023 are the same too, to eachother. With that lighting yokai story.


      • Medama Oyaji says:

        I mentioned this on the Nyaa comments too but while we’re at it — Not that it makes a huge difference, but episodes 8 & 9 are switched. Ep 8 should be Daruma and 9 should be Suiko. I noticed that the next episode previews didn’t align and then confirmed on Japanese wikipedia that this is the case.

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      • Nanto says:

        I’ve swapped episodes 8 & 9 in the links, and the duplicate episodes will be fixed by Friday night. New torrents this weekend. Much thanks to Maria and Daddy Eyeball for the heads-up!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Cavery says:

    Why are there no MEGA links?


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  7. Allen Hirai says:

    Do u have any raws of this?


  8. Kevin says:

    Hello, I have all the chapters of the 60s to 90s version in very good quality, if you can use them, do not hesitate to write me

    Liked by 2 people

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