Nyaa has been shut down by its owner

The owner of the Nyaa.eu site (little known fact: this person also goes by the screen name Nyaa) was spooked by a recent EU court decision, and decided to shut the site down permanently. That’s a personal decision that I’m not going to criticize. Much thanks to Nyaa for years of thankless service to fandom.

Things are currently in flux and I haven’t made a decision yet on how I’m going to handle this. Anidex is one possibility, or maybe I could just start posting stuff to one of the larger public trackers that doesn’t specialize in Japanese media.

Some of the former staff members of Nyaa have created a new version of the site, at nyaa.si. My torrents have been migrated and can be found here. None of them are currently seeded, but I can seed any of them on request. Or if there’s something I’ve subtitled that you want to download and can’t find a Mega link for, feel free to ask for it in the comments section and I will add it when I get time. I might start posting new stuff at nyaa.si as well, but as mentioned above I haven’t come to a firm decision yet.

This is an inconvenience, but these type of things have happened before, and they will again. As a kid, I used to get bummed when my favorite TV shows would disappear from the schedule, which is why I started putting an audio cassette recorder next to the television to make poor quality audio recordings of a few episodes. Fortunately that isn’t the world we live in today, where a myriad of ever-changing options has replaced the tyranny of a single digit number of television channels and the $27 blank videocassette. I have fond memories of the past, but I really enjoy living in the future.

Slow and steady progress continues on my projects, with a few things getting very close to release. I try to get a bit of subtitling work done just about every day, even on days when I don’t have a lot of free time to spare.

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6 Responses to Nyaa has been shut down by its owner

  1. Is this something I can help with, since I’ve downloaded and continue to seed so many of your efforts?

    I was wondering why I was seeing so many red X’s….

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    • Nanto says:

      Hi, Ben. Actually yes, there is something you could help with. Any torrents of mine you were currently seeding can be removed from your client, since it looks like that tracker is permanently gone. If you then download the same torrents from nyaa.si, and point the download directory to the same place you were seeding them before, then a lot more of my stuff will be available from the new site.


  2. Moshi Mo says:

    hi there, thanks for the update,
    I am getting Lensman episodes thanks to your DDL.
    Keep it up


  3. crumby says:

    I will continue to seed on nyaa.si
    Thank you for your efforts


  4. poutsh says:

    Thank you a lot for your Sukeban Deka translation, I’m looking forward the release of the final episodes of season 2


  5. tenchi says:

    I found your old cyborg 009 episodes on tokyotoshokan but they don’t have any seeds. Can you seed them or just upload a new batch of all of them?


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