Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 24



A shopkeeper’s unsavory past come back to haunt him, in this tale of mystery and intrigue.

Get it from Nyaa, Mega, or Userscloud.

And don’t forget to thank our partners in this joint project, over at Hokuto no Gun.

About a decade after this, Rintaro went on to be chief director on the Space Pirate Captain Harlock TV series. Like many recent Sabu & Ichi episodes, this one features that Toei wind sound effect, that was used to such great effect in the Harlock series. Also, Sabu & Ichi’s battle stance as shown in the second picture reminds me of Harlock & Daiba fighting the Mazone in episode #9, and that song the children are singing at the end of the episode is the same song that Mayu sings at the end of Harlock #30.

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5 Responses to Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 24

  1. Stupid Cats says:

    Thanks again for all your recent posts, esp those with sailor uniforms..


  2. ydy says:

    Thanks for the release.


  3. Xen1 says:

    Hi and thanks for your work, Nanto. May I ask if you have already watched the subbed version of “Minky Momo: the station of your memories”? It’s a nice oav, but I’m not quite sure of the quality of the sub available online. Some lines seems a little weird…


    • Nanto says:

      I’ve actually never seen any of the Minky Momo anime, although I remember seeing quite a few pictures of the series in the 1980s when I used to read the monthly anime mags from Japan.


      • Xen1 says:

        I see, thanks for answering.
        If you have some time, I really advice you to watch at least the OVAs of the series; I discovered Momo’s franchise after searching some of the other works of Takeshi Shudo, which I only knew for Pokémon, and by watching the OVA “Minky Momo: The Bridge Over Dreams” (since it doesn’t refer to any specific element of the anime, it can also be enjoyed as a separate story, without any prior knowledge).
        I can say that I was really surprised by it, it’s a wonderful movie. The same goes for “The Station of Your Memories”, although it connect a bit more to some elements of the story.


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