Sukeban Deka II (1985) – Episode 34


Saki’s mission to forge an alliance with Kudo Miki of the Reishin Girls’ School has turned into a complete disaster. Under the hypnotic commands of Namera, Saki has attacked Miki in the middle of their ritual introduction. Will this apparent betrayal cause Miki and her fellow students to join forces with Seiroukai instead…?

Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

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5 Responses to Sukeban Deka II (1985) – Episode 34

  1. Nagaregumo says:

    Finally!! Thanks you :3


  2. Aardvark says:

    Great way to liven up the day! Thanks Nanto


  3. Steve H says:

    Whew! I was afraid that this was going to be continued to another episode!

    Kinda bothered for no good reason by some continuity. I can’t recall Saki ever using two steel yo-yos before, and she didn’t get to do the ‘Chrysanthemum Reveal’ moment. *KLAK Dooooonnnnnnnn* 🙂

    But what bothered me was that bit with the good luck charm. Are we meant to understand that being poked by the pin and bleeding quite heavily acted, along with the ‘not quite enough’ antidote from the wandering priest dude (gotta watch out for those!), combined with her strong spirit, finally counteracted the poison?

    And are we to assume she did all that fighting clutching that charm in her right hand, including yo-yo throws? I mean, I guess, it was fairly smushed.

    Oh, wait, was the charm stuffed with some rare or special plants/flowers that just happened to be the antidote? THAT would make sense. I guess. Kinda. 🙂

    Or it was just the power of friendship and love or something. I dunno.


  4. Jimmy McKee says:

    1. Please give us more “Hustle Punch”
    2. Please consider subbing the following
    – The Adventures of Gamba (1975): Retro-Beat has been MIA and never resumed their subbing of the show, please re-sub this classic anime in full
    – Bonobono (1995)


  5. Diego says:

    Gracias amigo!


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