GeGeGe no Kitaro (1968) – Episode 14

GeGeGe no Kitaro 14_001_30471

A young orphan girl named Yuriko accidentally releases Suiko, a Yokai tiger with an insatiable thirst, that starts sucking up every drop of water around her small village. And of course good ol’ Nezumi Otoko is on hand, ready to con the locals by posing as a Yokai exorcist.

Get it from Nyaa, or Mega or Userscloud.

This is a joint project with the manly folks at Hokuto no Gun. Check out their site here  for tons of cool fansubs and scanlations.

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9 Responses to GeGeGe no Kitaro (1968) – Episode 14

  1. Somebody says:

    A non-Halloween release of Kitaro? Now that I wasn’t expecting!


  2. Looking forward to a new ep, and hopefully many, many more (hopefully…if you have the time/inclination)>perhaps some more from the early colour second season?


    • Nanto says:

      I don’t usually comment on specifics of what is coming out when, but your wish for another second season episode might get some small satisfaction in the not too distant future.

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      • We really enjoyed that episode! When the villagers were shooting at the poor girl – oh dear! I love the original B&W series you have presented (and always would like more when you have time), but the that second colour season is so similar and good for the few episodes here. Many, many thanks.

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      • Nanto says:

        Those bullies were something else. Taunting and throwing rocks at the local orphan girl, and then the dude sucker-punches that adorable little dog! NOT COOL.

        The first two series are my personal favorites, followed by 4, 5 and 3. Series 2 is cool because it’s the only one that isn’t a complete reboot. It’s pretty much just more of series 1, but in color and with the core cast members appearing more often. The black and white episodes look fantastic, and the use of color in series 2 is eye-poppingly gorgeous. Toei Animation had amazing background and ink & paint departments in the early 1970s, the color palette in certain Toei shows of that time period contributes greatly to their continued entertainment value all these years later.

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  3. shiteaterbubibinman says:

    Thanks, man. I’m a big fan of yours.

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  4. Smile says:

    Great job, I can’t wait for more! Is there any chance for more episodes of Kitaro in the nearest future?

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    • Nanto says:

      We do have several more Kitaro episodes of different vintages in the works. Dunno exactly when they’ll be completed (except of course on that one obvious day.)


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