Golden Bat (1967) – Episode 03

vlcsnap-2016-07-31-21h58m58s831.pngThis episode.sees the introduction of Mazo, Lord Nazo’s new henchman. Nazo Tower lands in a peaceful mountain village, and Mazo enslaves the local villagers, forcing them to work on construction of a giant robot called Ge-Georg, using anti-gravity technology to support its massive frame.


I really enjoyed this episode a lot. Interestingly, Professor Yamatone and the rest of the Super Car crew don’t even appear until the second half of the episode, giving plenty of screen time to the villagers and their struggle against the hostile invaders.

Get it from Nyaa or Mega.

Big thanks again to Hailey and Garrett for their help with this project! Still looking for a volunteer translator, donations, or if anyone out there has the R2 Japanese DVDs of the series.

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6 Responses to Golden Bat (1967) – Episode 03

  1. YuriM says:

    Could you turn your attention to the Esper Mami TV series? There were some translations (ep.1-19) by “Sukoshi Fushigi” group, but they abandoned it.


  2. Aardvark says:

    I’ve decided to stop working on the Death Ray in my basement and start working on a Giant Robot instead, at least I don’t have to get the Robot into a low earth orbit to be effective.

    Thanks Nanto!

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  3. Moe Dantes says:

    How much money would it take to convince you to sub more Golden Bat?


    • Nanto says:

      My translators charge around $25, so a donation for that amount (marked with “Golden Bat episode 4” in the message) would get the ball rolling on episode 4.

      This would require a bit of patience, as it does me take quite a while from the time I send the episode to the translator before I can turn around a finished episode. Those translators are usually busy with a lot of other projects, and so am I.


  4. justin nelson says:

    well get on it! It’s been 5 years!


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