Golden Bat (1967) – Episodes 01-02


Here are the first two episodes of the anime version of Golden Bat. This character is generally considered to be the first Japanese superhero, created by Takeo Nagamatsu in 1931 for the “kamishibai” paper theater. If you’ve never heard of kamishibai, there’s a very helpful review of this book on the Let’s Anime site, you can read that review here.

Get them from Nyaa, or from Mega: 01  02

Big thanks on this project to Shockwave 2014 of the Kingmenu site, who originally subtitled episode one a couple of years ago, and allowed me to use his translated script for my remastered version. Check out his site for more subtitled anime and live action classics.

Also major props to Hailey, for raising the money to buy the Italian DVD set and the translations for episodes 2 and 3, and doing much of the encoding work (including slowing down the 25 fps PAL video to the proper 23.976 fps speed, and patching in the Japanese openings, endings, and title cards.) And thanks to Garrett for some additional help with the encoding, he is well known in the Muppet and Monty Python video collecting communities for his great restoration work and sharity.

I’m going to be starting work on episode 3 fairly soon. If anyone wants to donate towards translations of more episodes that would be much appreciated. Even better would be if someone would volunteer to help translate them for us. And I’m still looking for copies of the Japanese DVD sets, if anyone out there can hook me up.

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10 Responses to Golden Bat (1967) – Episodes 01-02

  1. Angel says:

    OH. MY. GOD.

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  2. dave merrill says:


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  3. kingmenu says:

    Great job Nanto! Personally myself i like it and enjoyed this,King-menu now Shock wave that’s another case, but he also like the more revised episode 01 We just wish you found The Op part with the smoke and the laughter. Then the appearances of Orgon Bat But overall Great Job..P.S. Shock-wave also done a couple of episodes I believe he never posted at the time including Episode 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, and some later ones including the Finale. But they were done on a different subtitle program which he decided never to post them . They were on videos sites years ago but were removed oh well ..we look forward to this series and hope this will be completed….Cheers Kingmenu


  4. Cavery says:

    The episode 20i want to see subbed most is episode 20.


  5. Kelleth says:

    Hi, thanks for subbing this. I already downloaded these in italian because it what I grew up with. But I honestly prefer the Japanese audio. So thanks 😀


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