Cyborg 009 (1968) – Episode 13


This episode features Cyborg 009 manga villain The Skull. In this TV adaptation he isn’t the leader of Black Ghost, but instead is working for Baron King, a madman threatening to bomb major cities unless the United Nations agrees to make him dictator of the world.

Get it from Nyaa, or Mega.

And be sure to check out Hokuto no Gun’s site here.

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16 Responses to Cyborg 009 (1968) – Episode 13

  1. typ12 says:

    Nice, love the series and your subs


  2. srt says:

    Thanks skaro-Hokuto team


  3. Aardvark says:

    I need to catch up on these episodes, the real world is getting in my way again. Ha! Ha!
    Highly enjoyable series, Thanks Nanto.


  4. Animaster Collector says:

    May I ask something? Are you planning to sub the whole 1968 Version of Cyborg 009?


  5. Mike says:

    Just found your site from a youtube of an ep. This is great! I can only imagine the work involved to get this stuff out, and on that note before i download ep 2 im going to paypal you a few bucks for coffee money. Cheers and thanks!


    • Nanto says:

      Good to hear you’re enjoying it! And yeah, it does take many hours of work to get these episodes subtitled, from me and all of the other people that are kind enough to help me. But it’s well worth it to know that I’m making fellow fans of these shows happy, not to mention I want to watch them just as much myself!


  6. Cavery says:

    Your recent stuff is not on the downloads page.
    These include:
    Cyborg 009 EP 13
    Laserion EP 1
    The revisions to Tetsuwan Atom EP1 and 2 and EP 3
    Sabu and Ichi EP 18


  7. Memo sama says:

    hi will you TL Cyborg 009 Vs Devil man?


    • Nanto says:

      I haven’t had a chance to watch Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman yet. But I rarely subtitle stuff made after 1989 (with a few exceptions). I’m guessing that it will be subtitled by one of the groups that does newer anime, and it might even doesn’t get licensed in the US. If neither of those things happens, it’s possible I might get around to subtitling it eventually.


  8. Animaster Collector says:

    Osu!! I hope you’re doing well 😀 Thanks for this rare gem of the past!

    I do hope this would see its completion someday 😀

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