Halloween Triple Feature!

GeGeGe no Kitaro movie #9 (1997) - Yokai Express! The Phantom Train_001_10558GeGeGe no Kitaro movie #9: Yokai Express! The Phantom Train (1997)

This is one of those mini-movies that were shown as part of the incredibly successful Toei Manga Matsuri (Cartoon Festival), although by this time they had changed the name to Toei Anime Fair. I may not be able to subtitle all 432 episodes of Kitaro in my lifetime, but it does seem possible that I might be able to do all of the movies.

Get it from Nyaa, or Mega.

Interestingly all three of the GeGeGe movies that were made in the 1990s are sort of remakes of stories that were done in the 1968 series, but apart from a few minor details are very different from the TV episodes they are based on. This one is sort of a mashup of Ghost Train (episode 7) and Great Yokai War (episodes 10-11), but it’s really almost nothing like those actual episodes.

The vampire in this movie is voiced by one of my all-time favorite voice actors, Kaneto Shiozawa.

GeGeGe no Kitaro is one of my joint projects with Hokuto no Gun. Check out their site here, for tons of great shonen manga and anime. For Halloween they also released a very under-rated manga called “Yokai Hunter.” which I definitely advise checking out.

I’m assuming all the GeGeGe no Kitaro movies must have aired on Wowwow at some point. If anyone could hook me up with HD captures of any or all of the movies (I only have the first one in HD) I would really appreciate it. I’m also looking for HD TV rips of the 2007 series if anyone still has them. All the episodes were released on DVD but not Blu-Ray, but HD TV rips used to be available on Share, did anyone keep them?

vlcsnap-2015-10-22-13h07m47s019Dororon Enma-kun (1973) episode 03

Sometimes people volunteer to translate things for me, which is really great because I’m often too broke to pay for translations. But this episode was a first…a complete, unsolicited script just showed up in my e-mail inbox one morning! Thanks to Tore for providing the translation, and sorry it took me so long to get it completed and released. Also thanks to Salvatore (my go-to expert on all things Go Nagai) for providing additional translation and QC.

Get it from Nyaa, or Mega.

vlcsnap-2015-10-29-12h34m04s936Kaibutsu-kun (1968) episode 01

This is a very silly horror-comedy series created by the two-man manga team known by the pen name of Fujiko Fujio (Hiroshi Fujimoto & Moto Abiko). The premise is actually kind of similar to Enma-kun in some ways, but the series has a completely different feel. This is probably a one-shot release, but you never know.

Get it from Nyaa, or Mega.

Enjoy the episodes, and everyone have a happy and safe Halloween!

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13 Responses to Halloween Triple Feature!

  1. comment says:


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  2. medama_oyaji says:

    Your Halloween releases are always the best! Very excited to see this Kaibutsu-kun!! The Kitaro and Enma-kun releases are awesome as well. Thanks so much!

    From what I’ve seen I don’t like the 00’s Gegege no Kitaro very much, and the 90’s show is probably the one I’m least familiar with. If you do go through all the movies, that could be a good way to sample them all a bit more πŸ™‚ Isn’t there also an 80’s live action movie?

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    • Somebody says:

      There are TWO 1980s GeGeGe no Kitarou movies:

      Getsuyo Drama Land: Gegege no Kitaro (1985)
      Gegege no Kitaro: Yokai Kiden Mateki Elohim Essaim (1987)


  3. Aardvark says:

    Not just Cool, but Super Duper as well. Go Yokai!

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  4. Krile says:

    Thank you so much! It’s always nice to see more Kitaro episodes subbed! ❀

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  5. re says:

    Thanks you for subbing Dororon Enma-kun


  6. Somebody says:

    Nanto, please some more Kaibutsu-kun. Fujiko Fujio’s works are simply hilarious. I can see why Japan loves them so much.


  7. Somebody says:

    I meant to say “sub.”


  8. Hello! Could you possibly please continue with this project? I really love everything in this show from the short narrations to cameos from outside Anime. Even the stuff the characters say is hilarious, I never heard of the term “amusement park” be used as a term for beating up the bad guys XD. I sure hope you finish this project because it has brought me much joy!!~ Anyway I hope you have a wonderful day and Remember……….Just Live More!!!~ Thank You. (^w^)


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