Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 17

vlcsnap-2015-09-19-00h06m28s99This episode of Sabu & Ichi is a light-hearted romp…aw, who am I kidding. This is Sabu & Ichi, of course it’s dark and messed up (and awesome) as usual.

Get it from Nyaa, or from Mega.

This is a joint project with Hokuto no Gun. When the Hokuto and Nanto join forces, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. Check out their website here.

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11 Responses to Sabu and Ichi’s Detective Tales (1968) – Episode 17

  1. stupidcats says:

    Love the series, Hate the wait (geddit?)


  2. ydy says:

    Thanks for the release.

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  3. Skriitka says:

    Thank You very much for working on this anime! It’s so rare to see someone subbing old anime like this one. Please keep up the great work!

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  4. Aardvark says:

    Sabu and Ichi, never a dull moment!

    By the way, I checked out live action show JAKQ Dengekitai (1977) over at the Love & Care blog and found it quite entertaining.

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  5. WatcherZero says:

    Hey TSHS are you still doing more Patlabor TNG?


    • nanto32 says:

      Yup, still making progress on episode 2, slowly but surely. Patlabor TNG is not an easy show to subtitle, since the episodes are twice as long as the shows we usually work on, and jam-packed with dialogue. Great show though, lots of fun to subtitle even though it is very hard work.


      • Phantom says:

        Oh come on ! It’s over 4 months since your released episodes 0 & 1 !
        The Lensman Movie you did is even longer and contains the same if not more dialoge than one Episode of Patlabor !
        There are now 11 Episodes left to sub and if it takes youd this long to sub only 1 (!) episode we will see the end around the year 2027 !


  6. Geo says:

    Thank you, Nanto! This anime was ahead of its time.

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