Gone, but not forgotten…

It appears that my old blog has vanished into the ether. RIP old site, 2009-2015. I’d finally broken the million page-view mark this summer, but life goes on.

The old site can be accessed through the archive.org Wayback Machine here. The torrent, and DDL links still sort of work, just right click on them, select “copy link location,” paste the link into your browser’s URL bar, edit out the extra stuff from archive.org and hit enter.

Over the next few days I’ll try to re-do my last few posts (that had not been saved by archive.org yet), then I should have some new episodes to post soon as well.

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15 Responses to Gone, but not forgotten…

  1. Aardvaark says:

    Brief moment of sheer panic….. But, all is well now!


  2. Setsuna531 says:

    Hi dear subber 😉

    Presenting myself : Setsuna531, from Anime-Heart.fr
    we had started Starzinger one year ago, and we didn’t find more than 12 episodes in ENGSubs.
    Will you make our dream real by translating all the entire serie?


  3. stupidcats says:

    I,ve been a little tired from worl mate, and I went on the computer first thing this morning and your old blog had gone,


  4. stupidcats says:

    but a little searching and I found it, so..thank ***k for that.


  5. akanami says:

    Phew~ Glad to know that you weren’t gone.


  6. Anas Zairi says:

    I’ve found you finally!


  7. Thibault Jabouley says:

    Are you continuing subbing Patlabor Next Generation? I would be happy to donate again to help you acquire the DVDs.


    • nanto32 says:

      Yes, still working on Patlabor. Not an easy show to do, since the episodes are twice as long and packed with dialogue. Great show though, lots of fun to subtitle even though it is very hard work.

      I don’t currently need any donations for Patlabor, but thanks very much for the offer. When episodes 2 and 3 have been completed, I may ask for more donations to order the next special edition Blu-ray volume.


  8. Do you think you could possibly re-upload your Azteckaiser episodes?


  9. kingmenu says:

    Hi Nanto, I have a question for are you having problems with XvD4sp program? Cause for now the last few weeks it hasn’t been working and keeps bringing up errors. Which brings problems encoding subtitles is there another way of encoding subtitles with another program? Please contact me. On my site or email jetemperor@yahoo.com


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