SF Saiyuki Starzinger (1978) Episode 08

vlcsnap-2015-08-04-08h07m57s762Here’s the next episode of my digitally re-mastered version (originally subtitled by ILA Fansubs from a VHS source). In this episode, a group of spider monsters attempts to implement the “shocker plan” to prevent Princess Aurora and her crew from getting to The Great King.

Get it from Nyaa, or Mega.

Thanks to Gxseries, FreekieDee and all the other former members of ILA. And of course thanks to Gou no Ken for all of his help and support on this project.

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16 Responses to SF Saiyuki Starzinger (1978) Episode 08

  1. I was shocked when i saw that your site had vanished into thin air. Good to see that you’re back =)
    Hope everything is alright at your end and thank you again for all your hard work.


  2. re says:

    Yokatta Nanto is Back


  3. Hello! Glad actually, blogspot as bloghosting service is like pain in your leg…
    Anyway, have a couple of questions (like 3 of them)
    1. Will there be more Wonder 3 translations?
    2. And Hustle Punch, more Hustle Ounch, please!!!
    3. Vifam. In the middle of May (or was it June?) i asked to revive OVA torrent and you said there will be completely new Vifam translation this summer. Really looking forward to more your translations!


    • nanto32 says:

      1. Depends on whether Discotek licenses the series like they did with Dororo. I had done a lot of work on episode #7 of Wonder 3, but it never got released after Anime Sols picked up the series.

      2. I only have the four episodes of Hustle Punch that were released on DVD, but I do plan on subtitling the other three episodes eventually, and if the series ever gets a proper DVD release it would be nice to do more.

      3. The new version of the Vifam OAVs have been mostly complete for a while now, I just need to sit down and watch them all the way through for final checks.


  4. Joksmar says:

    nanto32 any news from Patlabor The Next Generation? Will a donation help you to have the theatrical releases? Best live action ever xD


    • nanto32 says:

      Ametuchi is still making good progress on episode 2. I used the donations I’ve gotten so far to buy the theatrical special edition BD box with script book for episodes 2 and 3. When Ametuchi gets close to finishing the episode 3 script, I will start asking for donations to buy the next volume.


  5. dmarior says:

    nanto, where to download subs for starzinger, jeeg 1975, goshogun, toshi gordion? thanks


  6. dmarior says:

    how to find nyaa?? sori i’m new to this stuff. can u help me nanto? thanks


  7. dmarior says:

    and where to download that anime in full episodes?? i tried KAT but not found in there.


  8. dmarior says:

    finally found nyaa torrent, but why KOUTETSU JEEG 1975 stopped at 78% download???? anyone pls help. thanks. this is the link http://open.nyaatorrents.info:6544/announce


  9. dmarior says:

    koutetsu jeeg 1975


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